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Nutrition Test 3

Nutrition Ch 7, 10, 11

What percent of adults is overweight? 68%
Inhibits fat digestion (lipase) reducing absorption by 30% which is deposited in the feces. Orlistat (Xinical), Alli
Who is recommended to go on a Very Low Calorie Diet, and how many kcal a day do they get? People over 30% of healthy weight, intake 400-800 kcal/day
Most common bariatric surgery, reduces stomach size from 4c to 1oz Gastroplasty/Stomach Stapling/RuinY
Gastroplasty criteria BMI >40, obese >5 years, no hx alcoholism or major psych disorder
What BMI is considered underweight? <18.5
How do you determine your target heartrate? (220-age) x 0.6= lower range (220-age) x 0.9= upper range
Name some health problems associated with health problems Tooth demineralization decreased blood K, salivary gland swelling, stomach ulcers, constipation
Initial treatment of Anorexia and/or Bulemia Establish trust and rapport
For how long must binge behavior persist before it is diagnosable as a disorder? 2x/week for 3 months = bulimia, 6 months binge behavior = binge disorder
What 3 elements create the female athlete triad? Amenorrhea, Osteoporosis, Disordered eating
Which eating disorder is likely to effect men rather than women? Muscle Dysmorphia
What percent of all pregnancies is planned? 50%
18.4 BMI is considered... Underweight
25 BMI is considered... Overweight
What segment of time is considered the first trimester? The first 13-14 weeks
What percent of pregnancies miscarry in the first trimester Half
What's the awesomest thing that happens in the 2nd trimester? Boobs gain 2-4 pounds.
Which trimesters have the largest fetal growth? 1st and 3rd
In which trimester is the fetus most susceptible to birth defects or other problems from developmental errors? The first
Created by: jenissing