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Liz AP2 T6 Digest

Liz AP2 ST120 T6 Digestion Review

What structure is responsible for transporting bile to the duodenum from both the liver and gallbladder Common Bile Duct
The sphincter that prevents food from reentering the esophagus fromthe stomach Cardiac
___ is the condition in which there is a backward flow of stomach acid into the esophagus GERD
While partial digestion is taking place the ____ keeps the food from the small bowel Pyloric Sphincter
The mucosal lining of the stomach forms folds called Rugae
The ___ attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth Frenulum
Area of the stomach superior tot he cardiac sphyincter Fundus
Fold in the lining of small intestine Plicae
The brush-like border in the lining of the small intestine Microvilli
Most chemical digestion occurs in the Duodenum
The ___ flexure is bt the transverse & ascending colon Hepatic
Removal of stones from CBD Choledocholithotomy
Incision into the CBD Choledochotomy
Creation of opening into gallbladder for drainage Cholecystostomy
Premolars are AKA Bicuspids
Right hemicolectomy Resection of the right half of the colon
Which is NOT considered a part of the small intestines Cecum (Duodenum, Jejunum, & Ileum are)
The lining of the small intestine is arranged into multiple, circular folds called Plicae
What is the product of the contraction of the stomach's muscular walls as it mixes food thoroughly w/ gastric juices Chyme
The ___ secretes the most important digestive juice that contains enzymes that digest all 3 major good Pancreas
The large, moist, slippery sheet of serous membrane that lines the abd cavity is called Peritoneum
Indication for a R Hemicolectomy are Inflammation, Bleeding, Trauma, and Tumors (ALL of the above)
All are organs involved in a whipple EXCEPT Liver (Pancreas, Duodenum, CBD are)
Whipple is performed for Benign chronic pancreatitis AND Malignant chronic pancreatitis (Both)
Excess bilirubin in the blood is associated w/ what condition Jaundice
Tooth decay is AKA Dental caries
Protein digestion begins in the Stomach
All are main organs of the digestive system EXCEPT Tongue (Mouth, Pharynx, Rectum are)
Surgical removal of part of the stomach Gastrectomy
The ___ plays an integral role in closing off nasal passage d swallowing so food doesn't move upward into the nasal cavity Uvula
Which is NOT a salivary gland Subungual (Parotid, Sublingual, Submandibullar are)
What 2 structures intersect to make CBD Cystic, Common Hepatic Ducts
Surgical creation of an opening bt the ileum and the abd wall Ileostomy
Bile is moved to the ___ for storage by way of the ___ Gallbladder, Cystic Duct
Protruding part of the stomach through the esophageal sphincter in the diaphragm Hiatal hernia
What condition will cause the blood flow to a segment of bowel to be cut off & may lead to gangrene & perforation Strangulating Obstruction
The extension of the peritoneum that is an extension bt the parietal and visceral layers of the peritoneum and anchors the small intestine to the posterior abd wall is the Mesentary
The pouch like extension of the visceral peritoneum that is shaped liek an apron is called Greater Omentum
The ___ is composed of a muscular tube distal to the pharynx Esophagus
The process that is breaking & grinding food into tiny particles Mechanical Digestion
Presence of gallstones in the gallbladder or Common Bile Duct is known as Cholelithiasis
Food undergoes 3 kinds of processing in the body. Which of the following does NOT occur in the process Reabsorption (Digestion, Absorption, Metabolism are)
Unabsorbed & undigested food material enters the large intestine after passing through a sphincter like structure called Ileocecal valve
Dysphagia is a term that describes a difficulty in Swallowing
A temporary stoppage of intestinal peristalsis that may be accompanied by severe pain, abd distention, vomiting, absence of stool is called Ileus
What is the product of the contraction of the stomachs muscular wall as it mixed food thoroughly w/ gastric juices Chyme
The protrusion of small loop of bowel through a weak place in the lower abd wall or groin is called Inguinal Hernia
Chol/e Bile
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Choledoch/o Common Bile Duct (CBD)
Col/o Large intestine
Sigmoid colon connects the ____ & ____ Descending Colon & Rectum
Appendectomy is performed for Inflammation
When the appendix is inflammed Cause peritonitis, Form an abscess, And May rupture (ALL of the above)
***** A Nissen is performed to treat A hiatal hernia AND GERD (Both) - LENETTE - The ans that Macy wrote down on the PC said "Hiatal hernia and Abdominal Hernia (Both A & C)" but A=Hiatial Hern, B=Abd Hernia, C=GERD, D=Both A&C. The CORRECT answer is HH and GERD-Both A&C. Ppl will miss it.
GERD Gastroesophageal reflux
A laparoscopic cholecystectomy involves Endoscopic removal of the gallbladder
A whipple is AKA A Pancreaticoduodenectomy
The appendix is attached to the ___ at the appendix's base and by the mesomesentary Cecum
The twisting of the intestine on itself that causes an obstruction is called Volvulus
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