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F-O english words

250 hardest SAT words

Fallacious incorrect, misleading
fastidious demanding, having high and often unattainable standards
fatuous silly, foolish
fecund fruitful, fertile
feral wild, savage
fetid having a foul odor
fractious troublesome or irritable
garrulous talkative, wordy
grandiloquence lofty, pompous language
gregarious drawn to the company of others, sociable
iconoclast one who attacks common beliefs or institutions
ignominious humiliating, disgracing
impassive stoic, not susceptible to suffering
imperious commanding, domineering
impertinent rude, insolent
impervious impenetrable, incapable of being affected
impinge to impact, affect, make an impression
implacable incapable of being appeased or mitigated
impudent casually rude, insolent, impertinent
incontrovertible indisputable
indefatigable incapable of defeat, failure, decay
ineffable unspeakable, incapable of being expressed through words
inexorable incapable of being persuaded or placated
ingenuous not devious; innocent and candid
iniquity wickedness or sin
insidious appealing but imperceptibly harmful, seductive
intransigent refusing to compromise, often on an extreme opinion
inure to cause someone or something to become accustomed to a situation
invective an angry verbal attack
inveterate stubbornly established by habit
laconic terse in speech or writing
languid sluggish from fatigue or weakness
largess the generous giving of lavish gifts
latent hidden, but capable of being exposed
licentious displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
maelstrom a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects
magnanimous noble, generous
malevolent wanting harm to befall others
manifold diverse, varied
maudlin weakly sentimental
mawkish characterized by sick sentimentality
mendacious having a lying, false character
mercurial characterized by rapid change or temperamentality
modicum a small amount of something
morass a wet swampy bog
munificence generosity in giving
myriad consisting of a very great number
nascent in the process of being born or coming into existence
nefarious heinously villainous
neophyte someone who is young or inexperienced
obdurate unyielding to persuasion or moral influences
obfuscate to render incomprehensible
oblique diverging from a straight line or course, not straightforward
obsequious excessively compliant or submissive
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