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word components

common roots

abdomin(o) abdomen (abdominopelvic (abdomen and pelvis)
acou- hearing (acoustics (the science of sounds)
acr(o)- extremity,peak (acrodermatitis (inflammation of skin of the extremities)
aden(o)- gland adenocele (cystic tumor in a gland)
adipo- fat (adipose (fatty)
alb- white (albumin (protein found in blood)
andr(o)- male (androgen (male sex hormone)
angi(o)- vessel (angiography (x-ray of a vessel)
ankyl- crooked, fusion (ankylosis (consolidation of a joint)
bili- bile (biliary (pertaining to bile or the gallbladder)
blast- or -blast embryonic state (blastocyte (embrightyonic cell)
blephar(o)- eyelid (blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)
brachi(o)- arm (brachial artery (artery of upper arm)
brady- slow (bradycardia (slow heart rhythm)
calc- heel (calcaneus (heel bone)
carcin(o)- cancer (carcinoma (malignant growth)
cardi(o)- heart (cardiac muscle (heart muscle)
caud- tail (caudal (toward the tail)
cephal(o)- head (cephalgia (pain in the head)
cerebr(o)- cerebrum (cerebral embolism (occlusion of a cerebral vessel by a blood clot)
cervic(i)(o)- neck (cervical plexus (network of cervical nerves)
chol(e)- bile (cholelithiasis (inflammation of the gallbladder)
chondr(o)- cartilage (chondritis (inflammation of cartilage)
col(i)(o)- colon (colitis (inflammation of the colon)
cost(o)- rib (costochondral (relating to a rib and its cartilage)
cut- skin (cutaneous (relating to skin)
cyan(o)- blue (cyanotic (blue-colored)
cyst(i)(o)- bladder (cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder)
cyt(o)- cell (cytology (study of cells)
derm- or -derm skin (dermatitis (skin inflammation)
dors(i)(o)- back (dorsiflexion (upward bending of hand or foot)
enter(o)- intestine (enterocolitis (inflammation of the intestines and colon)
erythr(o)- red (erythrocytes (red blood cells)
fasci- bundle (fasciae (bundles of muscle fibers)
febri- fever (febrile (feverish)
fil- threadlike (filament (fine thread)
galact(o)- milk (galactose(sugar obtained from milk)
gastro- stomach (gastritis (inflammation of stomach)
Ger(o)-or geront(o)- aging (gerontology (study of aging)
gest- carry (gestation (pregnancy)
gloss(o)- tongue (glossitis (inflammation of tongue)
glyc(o- or gluc(o) sweet (glycogen,glucogen (forms of sugar)
gyn(o)- woman, particularly female reproductive organs (gynecology (study of women's reproductive organs)
heme(a)(o)- or hemato- blood (hematology (study of blood)
hepat(o)- liver (hepatitis (inflammation of the liver)
hist(i)(o)- tissue (histography (process of describing tissue and cells)
hydro- water, hydrogen (hydrops (excess watery fluid)
hyster- uterus (hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus)
ile(o)- ileum (ileostomy (surgical opening in the ileum)
ili(o)- ilium,flank (iliac muscle (muscle that allows thigh movement)
ischi(o)- hip (ischiopubic (pertaining to the ischium and pubes)
jejun(o)- jejunum (jejunectomy (excision of the jejunum)
kerat(o)- horny tissue, cornea (keratectasia (a thin,scarred cornea)
kine(the)(o)- movement (kinetic (pertaining to motion)
labio- lips (labiograph (an instrument that records lip movement)
lact(o)- milk (lactation (secretion of milk by the breasts)
laryng(o)- larynx (laryngectomy (surgical removal of the larynx)
latero- side (lateroflexion (flexion to one side)
leuk(o)- white (leukocytes (white blood cells)
lip(o)- fat (lipedema (excess fat and fluid in subcutaneous tissue)
lith(o)- stone (lithocystotomy (surgical removal of bladder stones)
mamm(o)- breast (mammogram (breast x-ray)
mast(o)- breast (mastectomy (surgical removal of breast tissue)
melan(o)- black (melancholia (depression)
meno- menses (menostaxis (prolonged menstrual period)
ment- mind (mental illness (psychiatric disorder)
mio- less,smaller (miosis (excessive contraction of the pupil)
mito- threadlike mitochondria (rod-shaped cellular organelle)
my(o)- muscle (myocele (hernia of muscle)
myc(o)- fungus (mycology (study of fungi and fungal diseases)
myel(o)- marrow,spinal cord (myelalgia (pain in the spinal cord)
myx- mucus (myxoid (resembling mucus)
nas(o)- nose (nasolabial (between the nose and lip)
nephr(o)- kidney (nephritis (kidney inflammation)
ocul(o)- eye (oculomotor (eye movement)
ophthalm(o)- eye (ophthalmia (inflammation of the eye)
orchi(o)- testes (orchitis (inflammation of the testes)
oro- mouth (oronasal (mouth and nose)
oss- or oste(o)- bone (osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone and muscle)
ot(o)- ear (otitis (ear inflammation)
ox(y)- oxygenation (oxyhemoglobin (hemoglobin combined with molecular oxygen)
path(o)- disease (pathogen (disease-causing organism)
ped(o)- child (pediatrics (care of children)
pharmaco- medicine (pharmacotherapy (treatment with medication)
pharyng(o)- pharynx (pharyngitis (sore throat)
phleb(o)- vein (phlebitis (inflammation of a vein)
phot(o)- light (phototherapy (treatment by exposure to light)
plasm(o)- liquid part of blood (plasminogen (protein found in tissues and body fluid)lung
pleur(o)- pleura,rib,side (pleurisy (inflammation of pleura)
pneum(o)- lung (pneumonia (inflammation of the lung)
pod(o)- foot (podiatry (care of the foot)
proct(o)- rectum (proctectomy (excision of the rectum)
prote(o)- protein (proteinemia (excess protein in the blood)
psych(o)- mind (psychiatry (study and treatment of mental disorder)
pulmo(n)- lung (pulmoaortic (pertaining to the lungs and aorta)
pyel(o)- kidney (pyelonephrosis (disease of the kidney and renal pelvis)
pyr(o)- heat (pyrogen(an agent that causes fever)
ren(o)- kidney (renography (x-ray of the kidney)
rhin(o)- nose (rhinitis (inflamed mucous membranes of the nose)
rub(r)- red (bilirubin (bile pigment)
sangui- blood (sanguineous drainage (blood drainage)
sarc(o)- flesh (sarcoma (a highly malignant tumor made of connective tissue cells)
scler(o)- hard (sclerosis (hardening of tissue)
scolio- crooked (scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
sensi- perception,feeling (sensory (pertaining to the senses)
sep- decay (sepsis (infection in the bloodstream)
soma- or somat(o)- body (somatization (psychiatric condition expressed through physical symptoms)
sten(o)- narrow (stenosis (narrowing of a body passage)
tachy- rapid,swift (tachycardia (rapid heart beat)
therm(o)- heat (thermometer (instrument for measuring temperature)
thorac(o)- chest (thoracotomy (surgical opening of the chest wall)
thromb(o)- clot (thrombectomy (excision of a clot from a blood vessel)
toxi(o)- poison (toxicosis (poisoning)
trache(o)- trachea (tracheobronchitis (inflammation of the trachea and bronchhi)
ur(o)- urinary,urine (uropoiesis (formation of urine)
vas(o)- vessel (vasospasm (spasm of a blood vessel)
ven(i)(o)- vein (venosclerosis (sclerosis or hardening of the veins)
vesic(o)- bladder (vesicospinal (pertaining to the urinary bladder and spine)
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