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GP CH 14

What is mental retardation? A causative factor interferes with the developmental processes, resulting in changes in the acquisition of intellectual skills and adaptive functioning in many areas.
What is the treatment for narcolepsy? Therapeutic naps, or drug therapy.
What is the treatment for vascular dementia? increase blood supply,drug therapy,or a carotid endarterectomy.
What is Alzheimer's disease? a progressive degenerative disease of the brain that produces a typical profile of loss of mental and physical functioning.
What are some symptoms of Schizophrenia? delusions, disorganized speech,catatonic behavior.
What are some anxiety disorders? GAD, Phobic disorder, OCD, & PTSD.
What is Posttraumatic stress disorder? a delayed response to an external traumatic even that produces signs and symptoms of extreme distress.
How do you treat anxiety disorders? hypnosis, eliminate stress, relaxation, and some drug therapy.
What is a personality disorder? a pattern of behavior that deviates from society's norms; examples include schizophrenia; paranoia; histronic disorder
What is bipolar disorder? a major affective disorder with abnormally intense mood swings from hyperactive, or manic,to a depressive syndrome.
Prolonged, heavy use of alcohol may result in several medical condtions... Pancreatis; cirrhosis; peripheral neuropathy
What is major depressive disorder? a mood disorder characterized by one or more major depressive episodes.
What is treatment for a depressive disorder? the most effective is medication and psychotherapy.
What are some personality disorders? antisocial, cluster a, cluster b.
What are the phases of the grief process? denial; anger; bargaining;depression; and acceptance
What is hypochondria? A person is preoccupied with fear of having a serious disease.
What are somatoform disorders? a group of mental disorders in which the person experiences physical symptoms without the underlying organic cause.
What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? it is marked by the presence of obsessions and compulsions. (persistent urges)
How is Schizophrenia treated? anti-psychotic drugs during acute stage. Drug therapy, family support, help patient think better about themselves.
_______ involves a progressive, general deterioation of the mental capacities of perceiving, thinking, and remembering Dementia
What is Tourettes Disorder? syndrome of multiple motor tics coupled with one or more vocal tics.
What is treatment for Tourettes? Haldol.
What is Autism? a syndrome of extreme withdrawal and obsessive behavior.
When does autism have its onset? In infancy and is apparent by second or third year.
What is linked with stuttering? anxiety
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