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Haney GP C5 Ear

Otosclerosis is an ankylosing of the _____. Stapes
Labrynthitis is an inflammation of the ____. Semicircular Canals
Otosclerosis, impacted cerumen, and otitis media may be the etiology of _______ _______ _____. Conductive Hearing Loss
What is the surgical procedure of the insertion of a tympanostomy tube ? Myringotomy
The inner ear contains two membrane-lined chambers, each filled with fluid, called the _____ and the __________. cochlea and labyrinth
What is Tinnitus? ringing or buzzing noise
What is Vertigo? dizziness
Hearing loss or deafness is denoted as two basic types: ____________ loss and _______________ loss. conductive and sensorineural
What is the disorder where "ear wax" accumulates and has a tendency to prevent sound waves from reaching the tympanic membrane? Impacted Cerumen
What is the term for inflammation of the external ear canal? Infective Otitis Externa
The patient may have a feeling that their ear is plugged and may experience tinnitus or sometimes an earache. These are symptoms of what disease? Impacted Cerumen
Inflammation and resulting infection of the outer ear canal after water has been entrapped during swimming is what disease? Swimmer's Ear
A red, swollen war canal; hearing loss;fever;and pruritis are common symptoms of what disease? Swimmer's Ear
This disease is usually a vestibular disease. The patient complains of his head spinning, becoming worse with movement of head. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BVP)
A chronic disease of the inner ear that affects the labyrinth. Meniere's Disease
Any type of tear or injury to the eardrum causes a breach in the integrity of the membrane. Ruptured Tympanic Membrane (Ruptured Eardrum)
Symptoms include progressive hearing loss, chronic otic discharge, a visible mass or lesion on ear examination, loss of equilibrium, and tinnitus. Cancer of the ear
A _____________ is a pocket of skin cells, normally shed by the eardrum, that collect into cystlike mass or ball and become affected. Cholesteatoma
Inflammation of the mastiod bone. Mastoiditis
_______________ primarily affects the stapes or third ossicle of the middle ear as the individual ages. Otosclerosis
Condition where movement of the ossicles is impaired, which causes diminished conduction of sound waves and resulting hearing loss. Otosclerosis
The ear is the organ of ____ and _________. hearing and balance
The ________ is responsible for maintaining balance. labyrinth
The labyrinth consists of three connected tubes bent into half circles, called the ___________________ _______. Semicircular canals
______________________ is idipathic, but there is evidence of familial tendency, suggesting genetic factors. The condition seems to be more prevalent in women and can be aggravated by pregnancy. Otosclerosis
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