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Civics Ch. 20

i think lololol

due process the govt must act fairly and in accord with established rules in all that is does
substantive due process the 'what' of govt'al action
procedural due process the 'how' of govt'al action
police power the authority of each state 2 act 2 protect and promote the public health, safety,morals, and general welfare
search warrant a court order authorizing a search
involuntary solitude forced labor
discrimination bias, unfairness
writs of assistance blanket search warrants with which British custom officials had invaded private homes to search for smuggled goods
probable cause a reasonable suspicion of crime
exclusionary rule evidence gained as the result of an illegal act by police cannot be used at the trial of the person from whom it was seized
writs of habeas corpus or writ of liberty; a court order which prevents unjust arrests and imprisonments
bill of attainder legislative act that inflicts punishment without a court trial, neither Congress nor State can pass such a measure (Article I, Sections 9 and 10)
ex post facto law a law applied to an act committed before its passage, neither Congress nor State can pass such laws
grand jury formal device by which a person can be accused of a serious crime;fed. cases, a body of 16-23 people from the area of the federal district court that it serves; votes of at least 12 grand jurors are needed to return an indictment or 2 make a presentment
indictment a formal complaint that the prosecutor lays before a grand jury
double jeopardy being tried for the same crime, cant be done; a person can violate a federal and state law in a single act though
bench trial a judge alone hears the case
Miranda Rule b4police ? asuspect,thatpersonmustBtold/informedof(1)right2remainsilent(2)warnedthatanythingsaidcan Busedincourt (3)right2haveanattorneypresentduring ?ing(4)ifunabletohire a attorney,1willbeprovidedatpub.expense(5)theycan bring ?ing toanendatanytime
trial/petit jury determine outcome of the trial, like whether to convict or not
5th amendment bans self-incrimination, pleading the 5th
6th amendment person must be tried of an impartial jury
bail a sum of money that the accused may be required to post(deposit with court) as a guarantee that he or she will appear in court at the proper time
preventive detention a law which allows federal judges to order that an accused be held, without bail, when there is good reason to believe that he or she will commit yet another serious crime before the trial
capital punishment punishment by death
treason Art.3,Sec. 3,it can consist of only two things;either(1)levying war against d U.S.,or(2)"adhering 2 their Enemies,giving them aid and comfort"No person can be convicted unless on d testimony of 2 witnesses to d same overt act,oron confession in open Court
Created by: johndude
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