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haney GP C #8

haney GP C#8

Gingivitis that is not treated may lead to ______ Periodontitis Small & large intestine Anus & Rectum Salivary Glands, Pancreas, Liver, & Gall Bladder
What are the major functions of the GI tract? Ingestion Digestion Absorption Elimination
What are some causes of disease of the GI tract? Erosion of Tissue Infection/Inflammation Neoplasms (Benign/Malignant) Obstruction Interference of blood and nerve supply Malnutrition/Malabsorption
What are symptoms of temporomandibular joint syndrome? Inflammation of TMJ causing a group of symptoms Malocclusion, poorly fitting dentures, arthritis, emotional stress Increasing pain with chewing, limitation of jaw movement (unilateral) tinnitus, clicking sounds Correct the cause
What are early signs of colorectal cancer? often vague; nonspecific
What is thrush THRUSH; know what are the causes! Fungus infection Affects entire oral cavity Short duration Old & young people, low immune system TX—antifungal Rx, Nystatin w\swish & swallow, Diflucan orally
What is a hiatal hernia Defect in diaphragm, portion of stomach slides into thoracic cavity Heart burn, chest pain, difficulty in swallowing, respiratory complications can develop with aspiration; know causes Treat GERDs
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: Regurgitation of gastric content Relaxation of the esophageal sphincter, hiatal hernia, medication, alcohol, coffee, foods Elevate HOB, light eve meal, 4 hr b/4 HS, weight loss, limit alcohol intake, no smoking
Abdominal Hernia Organ protrudes through an opening in the muscles of the abd. Umbilical, ventral, incisional, inguinal Bulging in the area May be tender Complications: obstruction or strangulation
Peptic Ulcer Gastric or Duodenal location Lining breaks down, sores present; know how it is diagnosed Epigastric pain, abdominal guarding, N & V, Worst pain 2 hrs after eating Hematemesis, Positive hemoccult Peritonitis
causes of peptic ulcers: Helicobacter pylori infection (most common world wide infection) Use of NSAIDs or ulcerogenic Rx Stress Smoking Ingestion of gastric irritants
treatment of peptic ulcers: Rest Medication Change in diet Lifestyle adjustments Surgery
intestinal obstruction functional Narrowed lumen Severe abd. pain Diarrhea Nausea & vomiting Abdominal distention Surgery
intestional obstruction mechanical: Absence of peristalsis Select medications; what can it result from Mild abd. pain Projectile vomiting IV hydration Gastric Decompression
If the patient experiences biliary colic; with radiating pain and jaundice, they may have ..... choletlithiasis
HOw is Hep A transmitted? Fecal oral route; contaminated food/water; poor hygiene
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