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Unit 12

Prefixes of Location & Medication Administration

administration giving a treatment or medication
anorexia lack of appetit or desire to eat
antagonistic oppositional or blocking
antefebrile before a fever
anteflexion bending forward
antemortem before death
antenatal before birth (prenatal)
antepartum before delivery (mother)
anteposition in front of
antepyretic before a fever
anteversion turning toward
asymptomatic without symptoms
bicellular made of two cells
biceps a two-bellied muscle (i.e., b. femoris, b. brachii)
bifocal lens having two focus strengths
bifurcation branch into two
binuclear having two nuclei
bipolar having two poles
bisexual attracted to two sexes
bulimia condition of purging after eating
cachexia wasting away of the body
congenital born with
consanguinity with blood relationship
disassociate to break apart
disinfect to rid of infectious agents
dispense to give out for use
dissect to cut apart
excise to take out
exhale to breathe out
expiration breathing out (noun)
genitals reproductive system structures
hemianesthesia anesthesia involving half the body
hemicardia half a heart
hemigastrectomy excision of half the stomach
hemiplegia paralysis of one side of the body (right or left) (hemiparalysis)
incise to cut into
incoherent unable to be understood (speech)
incompatible not compatible, does not associate well with
incompetency not able to function properly
incontinence inability to control urination or defecation
incubation original growth of an organism
infested organisms living within or on another organism
infiltration penetration of a solution into tissues
inflamed act of being red, swollen, painful adn warm (verb)
inflammation condition with such symtoms as a red, swollen and warm ares (noun)
infusion introducing a substance into a vein through a needle
inhale to breathe in
injection procedure of introducing a substance in to the body through a needle
insane not sane
insemination process of introducing semen into the uterus or tubes
insomnia unable to fall asleep
inspiration breathing in (noun)
instillation applying drops
intercellular between the cells
intra-abdominal within the abdomen
intra-aortic within the aorta
intra-arterial within the artery
intracranial within the cranium
intracystic within the urinary bladder
intradermal within the dermal layer
intraduodenal within the duodenum
intrathoracic within the thorax (thoracic cavity, chest)
intravenous within the vein
malaise generally poor feeling, not feeling well
malaria infestation of malaria parasite Plasmodium
malformation poor formation
malnutrition poor nutrition, missing essential nutrients
malodorous smelling bad
mononuclear having one nucleus
morbidity related to illness
mortality related to death
postcibal after meals
postcoital after intercourse
postesophageal in back of the esophagus
postfebrile after a fever
postglucose after glucose is administered
postmastectomy after mastectomy surgery
postmenopausal after menopause is complete
postmortem after death
postnatal after birth (baby)
postoperative after surgery
postpartum after delivery (mother)
postprandial after meals
preanesthetic before anesthesia
precancerous condition that may lead to cancer
prefrontal in front of the frontal bone
preoperative before surgery
prescribe write an order for before it can be done
sanguineous bloody
semicircle half of a circle
semicomatose partially in a coma
semiconscious partially conscious (half)
semiprivate situation in which a room is shared (patient gets half of the room)
subcutaneous the layer below the dermis of the skin
triceps a three-headed muscle (i.e., t. fermoris, t. brachii)
trifurcation branch into three
unicellular of one cell (also, monocellular)
unilateral one sided
uninuclear(mononuclear) having one nucleus
trigeminal nerve three-branched cranial nerve
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