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Haney GP C12

What are key signs of prostate cancer? Weak or interrupted urine flow, urinary frequency, difficulty starting or stopping urine flow, urinary retention, dysuria, and hematuria.
What is the screening for prostate cancer? Rectal examination, annually starting at the age of 50 when a patient reports dysuria or blood in the urine.
What is the main sign of Testicular cancer? A painless swelling on one testicle.
What is treatment for testicular cancer? Chemotherapy, possibly surgical resection.
What is the prognosis for testicular cancer? Out of 5 year survival rate, good 95% intermediate 79%, poor 48%
What is PMS? Premenstrual syndrome is a constellation of physical and emotional symptoms that may appear shortly after ovulation and subside with the onset of menstruation.
What is Amenorrhea? The absence of menstrual periods.
What is treatment for Amenorrhea? Correct the underlying cause. When this is not possible contraceptive hormones or cyclic progesterone may be used.
What is cervical cancer? Cancer of the cervix.
What is treatment for Amenorrhea? Correct the underlying cause. When this is not possible contraceptive hormones or cyclic progesterone may be used.
THe pathologic outcomes of endometriosis include changes that result from menopause.
What is the screening for cervical cancer? A pap smear screening.
What are signs and symptoms of cervical cancer? A watery, bloody, or purulent vaginal discharge.
What the is time frame for a spontaneous abortion? With in the first 20 weeks for pregnancy.
What is the key sign of an etopic pregnancy? A women with a positive pregnancy test and pelvic pain.
What is an etpoic pregnancy? When the fertilized ovum implants and grows outside the endometrial canal, most often the fallopian tube.
What is placenta previa? When the placenta covers the opening to the cervix.
What is abruptio Placentae? Premature detachment of a normally postitioned placenta during pregnancy.
What is mastitis? inflammation of one or more mammary glands of the breast.
What are signs and symptoms of mastitis? When a nursing mother experiences sudden pain, redness, and heat in the breast at either the beginning or the end of the lactation period.
BPH causes include: a weak stream of urine with inability to empty the bladder
What are signs and symptoms of torsion of the testicle? Sudden severe pain in one testicle. The pain can be so severe that is causes nausea or vomiting, fever and urinary frequency.
What is the first sign of testicular cancer a painless lump discovered in the testicle
What is the cause of torsion of the testicle? Can be a cause of trauma or spontaneous.
What is prostatitis? Acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.
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