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Hematology final

What is erythrocytosis? increase RBC count
What is oligocythemia decrease RBC count
What are NV for adult RBC count? men= 4.5-6 mill women= 4-5.5 mill
What makes heme? iron + protoporphyrin
What makes globin? RNA + amino acid
What makes hemoglobin? Iron heme and globin
What is electrophoresis? Seperates genetic types of hemoglobin
What are normal values of hemoglobin? Men= 15-17 g/dL Women 12-16 g/dL
What diseases cause an increase in Hgb? polycythemia vera and hydration
What diseases cause a decrease in Hgb? anemia, leukemia and bleeding
What size drop of blood is used to make a differential blood smear? Size of match head
What is the composition of Wright's stain? Alcohol colution, acid dye (eosin) and alkaline dye (ethylene)
What is the function of a neutrophilic seg cell? Phagocytosis of bacteria and small particles
What is the function of eosinophilic segmented cells? to limit effects of an allergic reaction
What is the function of a monocyte? phagocytosis of bacteria and large particles
What is the function of a lymphocyte? Produce antibodies and transplant rejection
What are the three components of the cellular portion of the blood? Erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes
What are the components of the fluid portion of the blood? Water, protein, horomones, wastes, electrolytes
How would blood settle in an anticoagulated tube from top to bottom? Plasma, buffy coat then RBC
What is leukocytosis? Increase in WBC
What causes leukocytosis? Acute bacterial infections, pneumonia
What is leukopenia? Decrease in WBC
What causes leukopenia? Viral infections, influenza
What are the normal values for an adult WBC? 4000-11000
What is and example of a critical WBC count value? >2 and more than 50
What tests make up a CBC? RBC count WBC count Hemoglobin Hematocrit Differntial Estimation of platelet # RBC indices
What are the 3 parts of the coagulation system? Vascular, platelets, clotting factors/fibrin clot
What are the three functions of platelets? Addhere, aggrigatem platelet plug - release substances used in the formation of the fibrin clot - clot retraction
What substance is necessary for the formation of the fibrin clot? and is also known as factor IV? Calcium
What is the meaning of thrombocytosis? Increase of platelets
What is thrombocytosis seen in? Hemolytic anemias and hemorrage
What is the meaning of thrombocytopenia? Decrease platelet count
What is thrombocytopenia seen in? Aplastic anemia and pernicious anemia
What factor is missing in Hemophilia A? VIII (8)
What factor is missing in Hemophila B? IX (9) aka christmas factor
What are two main causes of acquired clotting factor defciency? Liver disease and vitamin K
What does PT stand for? Prothrombin Time
What does the PT measure? checks extrinsic system and coumadin measures time it takes to form a fibrin clot
What does APTT stand for? activated partial thromboplastin time
What does the APTT measure? Time it takes to form clot measures intrinsic and heparin
What colored stopper tubes are used for coagulation studies? Blue
What is hematocrit? percent volume occupied by the packed RBC
How are Hb and Hct related? Hgb X 3 = Hct +- 3 units
When is the Hct increased? polycythemia vera and dehydration
When is the Hct decreased? Anemia, leukemia, and excess fluid
What kind of capillary tube is used to perform an Hct from tube blood? plain/blue
What kind of capillary tube is used to perform an Hct from a finger puncture? red/ heparinized
What three points are located to read an Hct results? Bottom of packed cells, meniscus of plasma and top of packed cells below buffy
What units are used with the Hct result? women= 36-45% men= 42-52%
What is the sedimentation rate? Rate and speed at which RBC settle out of plasma
What is the abbreviation for the sedimentation rate? ESR
What method is used to perform the ESR? Westergram
Created by: lecopple1