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Steps to WW2


Saar Plebiscite Under control of League of Nations for 15 years after T of V. In 1935 this time was up and there was a democratic vote so would have seemed unfair to challenge this.Provided Hitler with valuable industrial area aiding his ability to take more territory.
Remilitarisation of the Rhineland 7th May 1936.Challenge to T of V. Hitler encouraged by lack of response to invasion of Abyssinia. Germany's armies weak,could have been confronted without causing war.L of N condemned action,Hitler offered peace treaty to last 25 years.'Own back yard'
Anchluss - First Attempt 1934 Nazi party activists murdered Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss.Prevented from taking over government by new Chancellor Schuschnigg and opposition from Mussolini.At this point,when opposed Hitler backed down
Spanish Civil War 1936 Mussolini and Hitler supported Franco.Luftwaffe raids and tank formations used and gained experience. Foundation of later Rome Berlin Axis.Mussolini's support gained for second Anchluss attempt.1937 Anti Comintern Pact created alliance Japan/Germany/Italy
Rome Berlin Axis 1936 Alliance with Mussolini/Italy.Mussolini did not oppose second Anchluss attempt in 1938. Alliance between fascist dictators strengthening both countries
Anchluss 1938 Broke T of V. Hitler imprisoned 80,000 objectors.Showed mixture of aggression and diplomacy.99.75% Austrians voted 'yes'to union.Mussolini did not oppose.Strenghthened Hitler's belief could do as he pleased unopposed.
Appeasement Described as a'selfish policy' used by Britain. Led by Chamberlain.Arguments for and against.Policy failed to prevent war.
Sudetenland 1st October, 1938 Hitler gained area containing Czech defences,raw materials,rail links,Skoda arms factory.Gained strength and confidence. Agreed at Munich Conference, 4 negotiators did not consult USSR so led to distrust.Weakened Czechoslovakia
Munich Conference 29th September 1938 Arranged by Mussolini. Purpose to avoid war over Hitler's Sudetenland demands.Fed Hitler's belief that he could act as he wanted.Separate agreement made with Britain never to go to war.Example of Appeasement in action.USSR distrusted Britain and France.
Czechoslovakia March 1939 Hitler showed that he could not be trusted. Went back on agreement not to take more territory.Not opposed by Britain or France because Germans invited in but marked end of Appeasement.At time many believed Czechoslovakia to be unimportant to them.
Agreement to protect Poland April 1939 Britain and France both promised to protect Poland. Once Nazi Soviet Pact signed in August this made war inevitable.
Nazi Soviet Pact August 1939 Enemies made agreement each for own purposes.Did not mean promise of peace between them.USSR had been only country in position to protect Poland and so stop Hitler.Secret clauses to attack and divide Poland made war inevitable.
Poland 1st September 1939 Agreement made between Britain and France in April 1939 to protect Poland meant that Hitler's attack on Poland was the final trigger of WW2
Created by: Ms Rose