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Steps to WW2

Key Terms and Events

Term: Steps to WW2Definition: Steps to WW2
The Rhineland Border area between France and Germany. Remilitarised by Hitler in 1936
Saar Plebiscite 1935. 90% Saarlanders voted in favour of returning to German rule.
Anchluss Union of Austria and Germany, 1938. 99.75% Austrians voted 'yes' to Anchluss.
Spanish Civil War Fought between Fascists and Socialists in 1936. Fascist dictator, General Franco was supported by Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler sent air force (Luftwaffe) and tanks to assist.
Rome Berlin Axis Alliance signed by Germany and Italy in 1936,
Anti Comintern Pact Signed by Japan, Germany and Italy in 1937. Aim was to prevent the spread of communism
Appeasement Policy adopted by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Direct negotiation with Adolf Hitler. Belief that if some of Hitler's demands were met Hitler would be satisfied and war would be avoided.
Sudetenland Area of Northern Czchoslovakia where 3 million German speaking people lived. At Munich Conference agreement was made to make it part of Germany. 1st Oct 1938
Munich Agreement Meeting set up by Mussolini between himself, Hitler, Daladier and Chamberlain. 29th Oct 1938 agreed Sudentenland to become part of Germany. Next day, Chamberlain and Hitler made private agreement for Britain and Germany never to go to war.
Czechoslovakia 15th March 1939 occupied by Germany. Hitler broke promise to Chamberlain that he would not take more territory. Appeasement had failed. Britain prepared for war.
Agreement with Poland April 1939 Britain and France agreed to protect Poland.
Nazi Soviet Pact 23rd August, 1939. Germany and USSR agreed not to go to war. In secret clauses they agreed to attack Poland and divide it between them.
Poland Attacked by Germany 1st September, 1939. Britain declared war 3rd Sept. followed by France. USSR attacked Poland on 17th Sept. Britain was powerless to defend it.
Created by: Ms Rose