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HIST 1118

Ruler of Thumb You can not beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb
Fleet Street Marriage Cheaper way to get marry than the traditional method
Hardwick Act To stop fleet street, Because government was losing money
BANNS public announcement made on 3 weeks advanced to see if there is any objections
Debtor's prison Throw in People who owe debts
Robert Malthus Essay on Population
ALBION Old Name for British Island
Victoria Albert
WALTS Brought back by the soilders, Devil's tool
Corsets Whale bones, keep women in shape
Communist Manifesto Socialist Utopia, Communist ideaology, Karl Marx
King Leopold of Belgium Congo in Africa
Franz Ferdinand Cousin of Franz Joseph, Assassinated in Sarajevo
War Bride Women who lost husband or lovers in the war against nepolean
Freud Father of Psychoanalysis, Austrian
Jung Father of Subconsciousness, Swiss
Phrenology Study of the skull to determine one's charatcterlistics
Roaring Twenties Jazz Age
Flappers Ladies in boyish cloth
Alcapone Profited from demand of liquor
Rosie the Riveter women work in factories
The Cold War Roosevelt and Stalin parted ways
Propaganda turning people against communism
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