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what is a muscle strain pulled muscles
what is the result of a muscle strain over stretched
acute stage - muscle strain ICE, rest, etc
chronic stage - muscle strain heat, friction
what is a muscle sprain ligament tear
define contusion bruise (eccymosis)
define hypertonicity increase tone in muscle
what causes hypertonicity shortening, overuse, isometric contraction
what is a result in hypertonicity condition Ischemia, hypoxia (cramping, pain, discomfort)
define a trigger point hyperactivity of nervous system
what is an example of a condition that is a result of TP headaches
define atrophy lack of muscle development
define tendinitis inflammation of tendon
what is an example of tendinitis golfers elbow, tennis elbow
define tendinosis sheath around tendon inflamed
define tenosynovitis degeneration of collegen in tendon
example of tenosynovitis dequrvains
define myasthenia gravis weakness of muscle in face and neck affects acetocholine
define torticollis massive stiff neck
is a whiplash a strain or sprain injury both
what muscles would a rotator cuff injury or strain occur in? supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapulares, Teres Minor
what is nerve entrapment nerve pinch by soft tissue
what is nerve impingement nerve pinch by bone
what is plantar fascitis plantar fascia of foot
what are symptoms of plantar fasciitis over 40, pain at heels, bone spur
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