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asvab words

abberation a deviation from the standard
accord agreement
adage wise proverb or saying
adversary enemy, opponent
advocate one who speaks on behalf of another
affluence abundance; wealth
alacrity brisk willingness
allusion indirect reference to something else
anarchy lawlessness, complete disorder
animosity great hatred
anomaly abnormality or irregularity
anthology collection of stories, poems, or other creative work such as songs
apathy indifference
apex the highest point
avarice deep-seated greed or desire for wealth
bastion stronghold, fortress
beacon literally, a "guiding light"; also, a great example
benediction blessing
bigotry bias or prejudice based on differences from one's self
blasphemy an insult to something held sacred or holy
blemish defect
bondage slavery
boon benefit
brevity shortness
bulwark strong protection
caliber literally, the size of a bullet at the base; also, a measure of quality
caste social class, group, or position
chagrin feeling of deep disappointment or embarrassment
chronicle historical record
clamor uproar
clemency mercy
connoisseur expert judge of quality
consensus general agreement
criterion standard of judgment
crux the essential point
cynic one who doubts the good intentions of others
data known facts
dearth scarcity
debacle general defeat
deference respect or courtesy
deluge great flood
detriment damage or loss
diction manner in which words are used or pronounced in speech
din loud continuing noise
directive a general order
discord disagreement
discrepancy inconsistency
dissent difference of opinion
egotist one who judges everything only as it affects his own interest; a self-centered person
enigma mystery
epitome typical representation
epoch period of time identified by an important event or situation
essence basic nature
exodus departure, usually of large numbers
facet side or aspect
facsimile exact copy
fallacy mistaken idea; reasoning which contains an error
fiasco complete, humiliating failure
fiend inhumanly cruel person
flair natural talent
forte one's strong point
fortitude steady courage
furor an outburst of excitement
gamut the whole range
genesis orgin
genre a class or category, especially referring to the arts or entertainment
gist essential content
glutton one who overeats or who indulges in anything to excess
grievance complaint made against those responsible for an unjust situation
guile cunning, deceit
hindrance obstacle; something that delays reaching a goal
horde crowd, multitude
hysteria wild emotional outburst
idiom expression peculiar to a language which has a different meaning from the literal meaning of the words which make it up
impetus moving force
incumbent present holder or an office
infirmity physical defect
influx a flowing in (e.g., of money into banks, of tourists into a country
interim meantime
interlude period of time between two events
intrigue secret plot
iota very small amount
keynote main theme
larceny theft
layman one who is not a member of a particular profession
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