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Lesson 2

Using suffix and combining form write medical terms

-centesis surgical punture to remove or aspirat fluids
-ectomy excision
-lysis process of loosening, freeing or destroying
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty shape or surgical formation of
-orrhaphy joining in a seam or suture
-scopy visual examination with lighted instrument
-stomy formation of an opening
-tome cutting instrument
-tomy incision
aden/o- gland
angi/o- vessel
append/o- appendix
biopsy excision of a small piece of living tissue for microscopic evaluation
cerebr/o- brain
appendic/o- appendix
encepahl/o- brain
cutane/o- skin
derm/a- skin
dermat/o- skin
mamm/o- breast
mast/o- breast
neur/o- nerve
opthalm/o- eye
ot/o- ear
tonsill/o- tonsil
vas/o- vessel; ductus defferens
-algia pain
-cele hernia
-ectasia dilation
-ectasis dilation
-edema swelling
-emesis vomiting
-ia condition
-iasis condition
-itis inflammation
-malacia soft, softening
-mania excessive preoccupation
-megaly enlargement
-oid resembling
-oma tumor
-osis condition, often denoting abnormal increase
-pathy disease
-penia deficiency
-phobia abnormal fear
-ptosis prolapse
-orrhage excessive bleeding, or hemmorage
-orrhagia excessive bleeding, or hemmorage
-orrhea flow or discharge
-orrhexis rupture
spasm twitching; cramp
-stasis stopping; controling
-able capable of, able to
-ible capable of, able to
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-an pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-eal pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ive pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
-ase enzyme
-iac one who suffers
-ism condition or theory
-ist one who
-ium membrane
-logist one who studies; specialist
-opia vision
-ose sugar
-ous pertaining to, or characterized by
-y state or condition
amyl/o- starch
blephar/o- eyelid
cardi/o- heart
chir/o- hand
glyc/o- sugar
hemat/o- blood
lact/o- milk
lip/o- fat
lith/o- stone
muc/o- mucus
oste/o- bone
prote/o- protein
protein/o- protein
pyr/o- fire
-penia defeciency
Created by: SHOSELYN