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What is hemoglobin broken down into? Iron and bilirubin
What is leukopenia? Low WBC, <5000
What is phagocytosis? WBC destroying bacteria
What is the main gunction of WBC's? Fight infection
Normal Thrombocyte count 150,000-400,000
Normal pH of blood 7.34-7.45
Where are most WBC formed? Lymphoid tissue
Where are red blood cells formed? Red bone marrow
What does Vit C do for our circulation? Prevents capillaries and vessels from becoming fragile
Which clotting factor is lacking in hemophilia Factor VIII
What blood test is used to monitor a heparin drip? PTT
What drug is an antagonist to heparin? Protamine sulfate
What is an antagonist to Coumadin? Vit K
What drugs are clot busters? Striptokinase and TPA
What blood tests monitor coumadin efficacy? PT/INR
What side effects should a nurse monitor for in her pt on a heparin drip? Petechiae, melena, epitxis, hemoptysis, bleeding gums or IV site
What is the liquid component of blood? Plasma
What is the principle particle of plasma? Protein
What is the main protein in plasma? Albumin
Where is albumin made? liver
What are platelets? Cell fragments that aid in clotting
What do erythrocytes do? Carry O2 to all body cells
What is hemoglobin? The molecule that carries O2
What mineral is needed to produce RBC's? Iron
What is another name for RBC? erythrocyte
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