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2nd volume

During what operations does the United States adheres to domestic and international law? Unilateral and multinational
The National Security Act of 1974 established all of the military departments except marines
Which is not an instrument of national power to achieve objectives that contribute to national security? democratic
Strategy involved understanding the desired policy goals for what type of operation? projected
under the total force policy, what plan covers all degreed of volunteerism, involuntary recall, mobilization, and demobilization to support JSCP mobilization
Accounting for all Air Force at all times regardless of location in what element of total force
What element of accountability is it when enabling planners and managers to support the commander's concept of operations? total force
Regardless of status, personnel support for contingency operations maintains accountability over all personnel on the ground, including transients at their deployed and designated GSU. Which element of accountability does this describe? strength
When there is a need to know where assigned personnel are at any given time, where they live, and where they work describes which element of accountability? unit
Forces that spend at least one night in billeting at a location but their final duty location is elsewhere described which element of accountability? transient
The ANG is a very important component of the toatl force in all the following operations except deterrence
The ANG is a unique institution with both federal and state missions
The reserves defend the United States through control and exploitation of air and space by supporting what type of engagement? global
The readiness of the reserves allows for rapids expansion of the total force through what form of movement? mobilization
With what invaluable aspect does reserve forces bring depth of experience to the mission and the Air Force? commodity
Air expeditionary force (AEF) concept provides trained and ready air and space forces for what type of defense? national
The air expeditionary force (AEF) primary purpose is to provide warfighter support
The air expeditionary force (AEF) doctrine is vital to understanding how best to employ air and space power along with understanding the proper way to do all of these except sustain
The Air Force presents its force capabilities to satisfy commander requirements through which concept? air expeditionary force (AEF)
What agency publishes a planning order outlining various milestones necessary to staff and publish the associated Global Force Management allocation plan (GFMAP)? joint staff
The global force management allocation plan (GFMAP) is an allocation of specific rotational forces to combatant commanders, under the approval of what authority? secretary of defense (SecDef)
The air expeditionary force (AEF) sets a baseline tempo bank "A" of how many blocks? four month
Various surging and or mobilization of Air Reserve Components (ARC) include all of the following methods except rebanding functional requirements
What component of the air expeditionary force (AEF) is capable of establishing and operating on an air base? air expeditionary wing(AEW)
iated maintenancesquadrons, and mission-specific expeditionary combat support squadrons? air expeditionary group (AEG)
What component of the air expeditionary task force is considered the basic war fighting organization and the building block of the AETF structure? air expeditionary squadron (AES)
What process of planning is considered a sequential process performed simultaneously at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of war? joint operation
What planning process guides the combatant commanders (CCDR) in developing plans for the possible employment of the military instrument of national power to meet contigencies and respond to unforseen crises? joint operations
The planning process by which the armed forces of part of them are brough to a state of readiness for war or other national emergency describes mobilization
Planning that encompasses the movement of forces and their sustainment resources from their ogiginal locations to a specific destination to conduct joint operations describe what kind of planning activity? deployment
The application to attain specified military objectives within an operational area describes employment planning
Which activity planning described the provision of logistics and personnel services required to maintain and prolong operations until the mission is successfully accomplished? sustainment
Plans thats are tasked by the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) for humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, peacekeeping, or counter-drug operations describes functional
Which plan is prepared as tasked by the supported combatant commanders in support of their contingency? supporting
Which joint and service planning system is designed to facilitate rapid building and timely maintenance of plans and rapid development of effective options through adaption of approved operation plans during crisis? joint operations planning and execution system
Which joint and service planning system is to enable Air Force-unique operations planning and execution processes which include associated joint policy procedures? deliberate and crisis action planning and execution segment
Which joing and service planning system is the single automated reporting system within the DoD functioning as the central registry of all operational units of the US Armed Forces and certain forign organizations. status of resources and training system
All units with a united States Air Force (USAF) personnel accounting symbol (PAS) code are registered within what joint and service planning system? status of resources and training system
Air Force manpower and logistics requirements documented in JOPES?DCAPES time-phased force development data are used in support o fall the following except functional plan (FUNCPLAN)
A unit type code (UTC) is considered usable when it is registered in DCAPES with MFE and/or equipment estimates
A unit type code (UTC) is considered complete once it is registered in the TUCHA with all MFE and/or equipment detail
What type of (UTC) is used in JOPES/DCAPES to identify manpower and logistics requirements for deployment, movement planning, and plan execution? standard
What type of UTC is considered a placeholder for all deployable positions that cannot be described or do not fit into an existing deployable UTC. associate
Which UTC attribute is used by war planners to determine which UTC's can fill their requirements? mission capability statement (MISCAP)
The manpower force packaging system (MANFOR) provides Air Force planners with standardized force capability outlining manpower requirements for all of the following except? employment planning
Which of these is not one of the guidlines used to determine when a UTC must be developed? when new equipment needs to be replaced
When a UTC is no longer needed, who can requiest the UTC be cancelled? MEFPAK responsible agency (MRA)
How many years after UTCs are cancelled do they remain in the MEFPAK and TUCHA? one
All Air Force personnel contribute to the air expeditionary force (AEF) therefore, all authorizations must be postured in the unit type code (UTC) availability
Specific UTCs to posture is based on the Air Staff FAM prioritization and sequencing instructions that can be found in or on the AEFC AEF online web site
Who privides guidance on which unity type codes should be postured by the MAJCOMs, made available for planning purposes based on component headquarters' requirements, and the AETF force modules? air staff FAM
a-UTCs are postured in the UTC availability and aligned to the air and space expeditionary force (AEF) libraries
Mobilization of the air reserve component (ARC) is also called or considered activation
To meet immediate requirements for augmentation of the active Air Force during emergency or contingency operations describes which type of activation volunteerism
Activation that requires passage by the congress of a public law or joint resolution declaring war or a national emergency describes full mobilization
what type of activation is used to accelerate the mobilization of selected members of the pre-trained individual manpower (PIM) in anticipation of their need to fill wartime requirements? push-pull
Normally, push-pull activation will not be recommended unless all of the following factors are present except major contingencies involve larger groups of personnel
Once the deactivation process occurs, the projected separation in the personnel data system (PDS) flows from base to headquarters Air Force (HAF); the HAF records status changes from 10 to 20
On the projected effective date of deactivation, Headquarters Air Force (HAF) changes the members' record status from 20 to 81
When demobilization orders are not required, what two documents are used to verify deactivation? DD Form 214 and the paid travel voucher
In order to be issued and DD form 214, how many days must an activated volunteer serve? 90
In order for the installation deployment officer (IDO) to perform his or her duties he or she must be a qualified logistic readiness officer
When a deployed tasking hits the base, who is the first person to receive all deployment taskings, including individual augmentee taskings? installation deployment offier (IDO)
Who determines the frequency and scope of exercises based on what is necessary to ensure the deployment process runs efficiently and that all units, including associate units, are prepared to deploy? wing/installation commander
The wing/installation commander ensures procedures are established to notify Airmen within how many hours of receipt for AEF rotational taskings? 96
Who pprovides overall management including, but not limited to, secure storage, issue and receipt, and shelf life control for mobility bags under their control? logistic readiness squadron commander (LRS/CC)
Who does the installation deployment cell (IDRC) have a direct line of communication and responsibility to? wing/installation commander (WG/CC)
The permanent staff of the installation deployment readiness cell(IDRC) consists of all the following except logistics cargo
The installation deployment readiness cell(IDRC) is responsible for all of the following except loading taskings and information into (DCAPES)
Who has the responsibility to make sure subordinate units have the necessary equipment and communication to support command and control readiness systems? supporting major command
What agency is responsible for assessing and assisting Airmen and family members during emergencies? Airman and Family Readiness Center(A&FRC)
Accounting for all categories of personnel after a natural disaster or national emergency must occur within how many hours? 48
In the event a members is stranded in a crisis area with no communication available, members are encouraged to report their status to any responding agency
Who is considered the first and most critical link when it comes to establishing accountability? individual unit commanders
Whose responsibility is it to ensure UCCs are trained and in place for members to report their evacuation location in the event the member and/or their families are required to relocate? unit commanders
Who is responsible for accounting for assigned DoD civilians? unit commander
Who is responsible for maintaining relaistic and actionable evacuation plans in anticipation of national crisis or national disasters? individual members
Which UTC is considered or called the personnel support for contingency operation (PERSCO) augmentation team? RFPF2
Who serves as the focal point for scheduling and documenting all initial and recurring ancillary deployment training and classified courier training for personnel support for contingency operation team (PT) members? force support squadron unit deployment manager
Who is responsible for making sure personnel support for contingency operations team (PT) has a training program and certifies all PERSCO Air Force job qualification standard (AFJQS) items before the person enters their assigned AEF on-call window? force support squadron commander
Who establishes strength accountability for everyone under their responsibility, regardless of location, and makes sure the appropriate updates are completed in the accountability system? personnel support for contingency operations team (PT)
What product is reviewed by units to maintain accountability by identifying personnel who have departed or have not in-processed? alpha roster
After arriving in the deployed location, who is responsible for collecting and updating personnel deployment processing discrepancies? personnel support for contingency operation team (PT)
Within how many hours after arriving in the deployed location, is collecting and updating personnel deployment processing discrepancies completed? 72
Concepts that apply to onward or forward deployments as well as returns to home station describe what kind of action? rotation and redeployment
On behalf of the deployed commander, who is responsible for coordinating and monitoring rotation, redeployment, and base colsure activities? logistics planners
During what actiong phase will the PERSCO team conduct a complete inventory of supplies and equipment to make sure everything is accounted for or replenish in the case of consumables? reconstitution actions
During what phase of deployment is the most opportune time to review training and make sure of its accuracy? after
What agency owns global command and control system Air Force (GCCS_AF) equipment at base-level? major command (MAJCOM)
Personnel planners are responsible for ensuring sufficient personnel support for contingency operation team (PT) and equipment are scheduled with what team? advanced echelon (ADVON)
How often will the PT chief make sure the equipment custodian (EC) completes an inventory of supplies and equipment? annually
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