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Liz T4 Lymph

AP2 ST120 Test 4 Lymphatic System

The abnormal accumulation of interstitial fld Lymphedema
Lymphatic vessels that exit from a lymph node Efferent vessels
Complement proteins aid in the process of Increase inflammatory response, Assist the lysis of antigens, & Attract phagocytes (All of the above)
What powerful natural body agent inhibits the synthesis of proteins that viruses require for multiplication Interferons
T/F - The Palatine tonsils are AKA Adenoids FALSE - The Pharyngeal Tonsils are AKA the Adenoids
T/F - The activity of the thymus is dependent on the hormone thyroxine FALSE
T/F - Chemotaxis refers to the attraction of antigens to injured tissues TRUE
T/F - Interferon are produced in R/T an infection TRUE
A specialized fld that is formed in the tissue spaces and is transported by way of specialized lymphatic vessels Lymph Fluid
Any ds process that usually involves the lymph glands Lymphadenopathy
What causes blood plasma to be filtered through the capillaries into microscopic places bt tissue and cells Pressure created by the pumping of the heart
What is the specialized lymph capillary structures located in the wall of the small intestines Lacteals
Plasma that flows out of the capillaries of the circulatory system into spaces bt the tissue cells Interstitial spaces
What lymphatic system organ filters microorganism and foreign matter from the blood Spleen
All are Granulocytes EXCEPT Monocytes and Lymphocytes (Eosinophils, Basophils, Neutrophils are)
Plasma cells secrete copious amount of ___ into the blood Antibodies
___ is the name given the pouch like structure that empty into the thoracic duct Cisterna chili
Lymph nodes have ___ afferent vessels Four
What lymphatic organ is location behind the stomach Spleen
What are the 2 terminal vessels in the Lymphatic System Thoracic duct, R lymphatic duct
Our first line of defense against microbes include Skin, Mucus membranes, & Secretions (All of the above)
T/F - The lymphatic system parallels the circulatory system TRUE
Groups of lymph cells located beneath the epithelial layer of mucus membrane Lymph nodules
The #1 organ injury in MVAs despite being protected by the lower ribs Spleen
Lymphatic nodules of the ileum Peyer's Patch
Lymph nodes have ___ efferent vessels One
Responsible for absorbing fat-soluble nutrients in the small intestines Lacteal
What lymphatic organ is highly vascular & friable Spleen
Secretes mucus to line the membranes & "catch" microbes Goblet Cells
Lymphatic system includes all of the following EXCEPT Thyroid (Thymus, Spleen, Tonsils, Lymph Fld, Lymph Nodes, and Lymph Vessels are)
T/F - Lymphatic vessels like the vein of the circulatory system have valves TRUE
What lymphoid tissue is found in the mediastinum Thymus
Bleeding from the spleen Splenorrhagia
Gland produces T cells before birth & plays a lesser role in adulthood Thymus
Where are the Lingual Tonsils located Base of the tongue
Where are the adenoids located Nasopharynx
An ___ is a substance such as a virus that the body regards as foreign Antigen
A ds-fighting protein created by the immune system in r/t the presence of the specific antigen Antibody
B cells function to produce what type of immunity Humoral
____ is released to protect other cells by interfering with the ability of the virus to reproduce as it moves from cell to cell Interferon
A new cancer site that results from spreading process from one body system to another Metastasis
A/n ____ is an agent that suppresses the immune system Immunosuppressant
The immunity that develops after a person has had a ds is an example of Natural Active Immunity
The lymphatic tissue that hangs from the lower portion of the cecum Vermiform Appendix
Although HIV can invade several types of cell it has the most obvious effect in certain types of T-cells
Once in the tissues, monocytes develop into phagocytic cells Macrophages
Activated B cells will divide rapidly and develop clones of two types of cells. One is the plasma cell, the other is the ___ Memory cells
B cells function in ___ immunity Humoral
Sensitized T cell function in ___ immunity Cell-Mediated
___ is the tissue fluid that enters & travels through the lymphatic vessels Lymph
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