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M6 13-005

Exam 6: Ostomy Stuff

Lower Right Abdomen, Liquid, No fecal control Conventional Ileostomy
Lower abdomen, Liquid, fecal control by siphoning Continent Ileostomy (Kock Pouch)
Middle Right Abdomen, Fecal is Semi-liquid, No fecal Control Ascending colostomy
Center of the Abdomen,Fecal is semi-liquid, no fecal control Transverse Colostomy
Middle Left Abdomen, Fecal matter is soft, Sometimes they have fecal controlled Descending Colostomy
Lower left abdomen, Feces is formed, Usually have fecal control Sigmoid colostomy
Bright pink or red (beefy) Healthy Stoma
Size is comparable in diameter to the intestine from which it has been formed; may be somewhat large after surgery d/t edema Healthy Stoma
Stoma opening is healthy and unobstructed Healthy Stoma
Surface is moist, shiny with an overlay layer of mucus; may bleed slightly when being cleansed. Healthy Stoma
Length protrudes from or is just flushed with the skin. Healthy Stoma
Sensation is painless. Healthy Stoma
Functions with regular passage of feces. Healthy Stoma
Color is blue or black Unhealthy Stoma
Size is larger or smaller in comparison to size after resolution of postoperative edema Unhealthy Stoma
Opening is tight and narrow Unhealthy Stoma
Surface is dull, dry; excessive bleeding Unhealthy Stoma
length protrudes beyond 2 inches from the skin or retracts beneath it Unhealthy Stoma
Sensation of peristomal bleeding Unhealthy Stoma
Function is sparse or absent elimination of feces Unhealthy Stoma
Created by: jtzuetrong