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CWI Med Term Chapter 16 word building

acous/o- hearing; sound
aden/o- gland
alg/o- pain
allerg/o- allergy
aur/i- ear
auricul/o- ear
audi/o- the sense of hearing
audit/o- the sense of hearing
bucc/o- cheek
cheil/o- lip
cochle/o- cochlea(of the inner ear)
ethm/o- sieve
gloss/o- tongue
glott/o- glottis (of the larynx)
incud/o- incus (anvil)
labi/o- lip; labium
labyrinth/o- labyrinth (of the inner ear)
lingu/o- tongue
malle/o- malleus (hammer)
mandibul/o- mandible(lower jaw)
mastoid/o- mastoid process
maxill/o- maxilla (upper jaw)
ment/o- mind; chin
mucos/o- mucous membrane
myring/o- tympanic membrane (eardrum)
nas/o- nose
or/o- mouth
osm/o- the sense of smell
ossicul/o- ossicle (little bone)
ot/o- ear
palat/o- palate
pharyng/o- pharynx (throat)
polyp/o- polyp
presby/o- old age
rhin/o- nose
sensor/i- sensory
sept/o- septum (dividing wall)
sinus/o- sinus
sphen/o- wedge shaped
staped/o- stapes (stirrup)
suppor/o- pus formation
tempor/o- temple (side of the head)
tonsill/o- tonsil
turbin/o- scroll-like structure; turbinate
tuss/o- cough
tympan/o- tympanic membrane (eardrum)
vestibul/o- vestibule (entrance)
voc/o- voice
Created by: Kirkbauer