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Vocab in Assessment

Vocabulary Used in Assessments

Used for showing differences between two processes or theories contrast
to explain the relevance of the fact or statement comment
show likenesses and differences when you compare two events, theories, or processes compare
provide proof of your answer by using an example (could be a physical action, visual illustration, or a written statement) demonstrate
take apart a concept or a process, and explain it step by step analyze
provide a definition of a key term you've covered in class define
drawing a chart of other visual element to illustrate your points diagram
to determine whether you understand both sides of an issue- share strengths/weaknesses, pros/cons discuss
providing a list in a particular order enumerate
use your own judgment or explore a topic and comment on significant elements, events, or acts examine
give a "why" response explain
use examples to show or explain a topic including words, drawings, diagrams or behavior illustrate
the ability to read between the lines and draw conclusions interpret
to use examples or evidence to show why (in your opinion) it is correct justify
provide a series of answers list
an explanation with headings and subheadings outline
a chronological or value-based answer by listing several items (terms or events) in correct placement order
use evidence or reasoning to solve a problem prove
recall and repeat all the most important elements or facts about a specific topic in essay form review
a mathematical phrase with at least one variable expression
a mathematical sentence with an equal sign equation
go over in detail and explain step by step trace
to put an expression in its simplest form (ex: reduce, combine like term, etc.) simplify
replace each variable with a number then follow the Order of Operations evaluate
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