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Liz Lymph QR2

AP120 Lymph QR2

*Name two types of immunity
* Includes protective mechanisms that confer very specific protection against certain types of invading bacteria or other toxic materials
*A set of non-specific responses that often occurs in the body in response to an injury
*___ exposure NOT deliberate and occurs in the course of every day living
*____ exposure immunization and is the deliberate exposure of the body to a potentially harmful agent
*If Johnny gets the measles and acquires an immunity to any subsequent infections he is said to have ___ Immunity
*According to Table 13-1 mother's milk is a natural immunity. It is also:
*Injection of a dead flu virus would be considered
*What are the specialized lymph capillary structures located in the wall of the small intestines
*What is the largest organ of the lymphatic system
*Type of immunity that attacks any irritant or abnormal substance that threatens the internal environment
*___immunity An individual's own immune system responds to a harmful agent, regardless of whether that agent was naturally or artificially
*Protein bodies that combine with specific antigens
*___ immunity Immunity to a disease that has developed in another individual or animal is transferred to an individual who was not previously immune.
*T/F - Passive immunity lasts longer than active immunity
*T/F - Antibodies de-activate antigen in only on way.
*Which molecule of the immune system will bore holes in foreign cells
*What is the lymphoid tissue that is located in the mediastinum
*How many efferent vessels are in a lymph node
Created by: elizabeth-mcw