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health test 14

what are the 3 most harmful chemicals in tobacco? carbon monoxide, tar, and nicotine
what are 3 types of illnesses/diseases associated with cigarette smoking? lung cancer, throat cancer, bronchitis, heart problems, and emphysema
what is a carcinogen? a cancer causing chemical
name the 4 groups of commonly abused drugs? Narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants, and depressents
what is often prescribed for stress and anxiety; never to be taken without supervision? tranquillizers
what type of alcohol is highly poisonous? methyl alcohol
What alcohol produces this, which hinders the supply of oxygen to the brain? Acetaldehyde
what is the drug that is involved in the most E.R visits for OverDose Tranquilizers
why do people experiment with drugs? for escape, peer pressure, rebellion, depression, and their home circumstances/life
what are these examples of pain thinners, nail polish, and aerosol? inhalants
what are 3 dangers for experimenting with drugs? addiction, flashbacks, death and brain damage
when your liver produces acetaldehyde what does it do to the brain? It hinders the supply of oxygen to the brain cells and prevents brain cells from producing glucose
why is hash greater than marijuana? greater content THC
what types of drugs speed up the the nervous system? stimulants
what drugs ease the pain? narcotics
what is the strongest form of marijuana? Hash
what is the nickname for LSD? acid
98% of people that try this drug become addicted? heroin
what is the drug called in these that produces giddy feelings and hallucinations? Psilocybin
A hallucinogen that comes from the cannabis sativa plant? marijuana
Marijuana has over this many chemicals in it? 400
This drug was originally used as an animal tranquilizer? PCP
A feeling of well-being? high
this is a stimulant found in chocolate, coffee, and sodas? caffeine
what is the most commonly used depressant? Alcohol
what is a thick brown, sticky substance containing carcinogens that coats the lungs? Tar
what drug has a return trip? LSD
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