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The Practice of Drawing Blood Define Phlebotomy
1. Adhere to all safety regulations 2. Effectivly interact with both patients and health care professionals 3. Keep Accurate records and be knowledgeable about the computer operations of the lab. 4. Develop other health care skills, such as taking BP Five Job Skills
Dependability,Honest And Integrity,Positive Attitude, Empathy and Compassion,Professional Detachment,Professional Appearance, Interpersonal Skills, Telephone Skills Six Personal Qualities that characterize a professional
Approval from a professional organization by meeting and documenting established requirements called standards What is Accreditation
Evidence that an individual has demonstrated proficiency in a particular area of practice What is Certification
Documented permit insured by a government agency, either municipal or state, that grants the bearer permission to perform a particular service or procedure. What is Licensure
that the patient must be informed of intended treatments and their risks before they are performed. What is Informed Consent
All Information regarding the patients condition, including the types of test ordered or the results of those tests, is confidential Define Confidentiality
Answer Promptly Identify Dept and yourself,ask how you can help Write everything down Speak slowly and clearly Don't put the caller on hold Make every attempt to help Telephone Skills
1.Correctly and positively identify the patient 2.Choose the appropriate equipment for obtaining the Sample 3.Select and prepare the site collection 4.Collect the sample, ensure patient comfort and safety 5. Correctly label the sample and transport Steps to a routine collection
Fiscal Ser Hospital Orgranization
(blank) What does the Fiscal service do
(blank) What does the Support Services
(blank) What does the Nursing Services
(blank) What does the Professional Services
(blank) What does the Pharmacy
(blank) What does the Physical Therapy do
(blank) What does the Occupational Therapy do
(blank) What does the Respiratory Therapy do
(blank) What does Radiology do
(blank) What does the Nuclear Medicine do
(blank) What does the Radiation Therapy do
(blank) What does the Clinical Laboratory do
Wood Paper, Cloth Class A Fire Extengisher fuel sorce
Grease Oil Flammable liquids Class B Fire Extengisher fuel sorce
Flammable materials from classes A&B plus an electrical element Class C Fire Extengisher fuel sorce
Combustible Metals Class DFire Extengisher fuel sorce
Cooking Oils and grease Class A Fire Extengisher fuel sorce
Water or dry chemicals Class A Fire Extengisher Contains
Dry Chemicals CO2 or flurocarbons Class b Fire Extengisher Contains
Non conductive extinguishing agents, clean agens, halons Class C Fire Extengisher Contains
Dry Powders Class A Fire Extengisher Contains
Spaonifications agent Class K Fire Extengisher Contains
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