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Unit 9

Anatomic Terms

Ana/tomy the study of naming body parts
Achromophilic resisting color (stain)
Aerobic requiring air to live
aerophobia abnormal fear of air
aerotherapy treatment using air (respiratory therapy)
amenorrhea cessation of menstration
anaerobic able to live without air
anterolateral front and side
anteromedial front and middle
anteroposterior from front to back
anterosuperior front to top
arteriostasis control of flow through arteries
axillary underarm, armpit
bioethics study of what is good and bad for living things
biology science studying living things
blastoderm embryonic disk that gives rise to the endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm
caudad toward the tail (sacrum)
cephalad toward the head
cephalocaudal from head to tail
chondrodysplasia defective development of cartilage
chromogenesis formation of color
chromolysis destruction of color
chromometer measuring of color
chromophilic attracting color (stain)
coronal pertaining to the crown or encircling
coronary pertaining to the crown or encircling (reference to around the heart)
diagnosis identifying a disesae
dialysis separating of substances in a solution (filtration)
diarrhea abnormally loose watery bowel movement
distal away from a point of origin or designated point
dorsal back (posterior)
dorsocephalad toward the back of the head
dysentery inflammation of the intestine
dysmenorrhea difficult or painful menstration
dyspepsia poor digestion
dyspnea difficulty breathing
dysocia difficulty in labor
ectocytic outside the cell (extracellular, adj)
ectoderm outside embryonic (germ) layer
ectogenous formed outside the body (from another source, adj)
ectopic outside of the normal location (adj)
ectoplasm outer membrane of the cell
endocardium inner membrane layer of the heart
endochondral within the cartilage (adj)
endocolitis inflammation of the lining of the colon
endocystic inside the urinary bladder or inside a cyst (adj)
endoderm inner embryonic (germ) layer
endoenteritis inflammation of the lining of the small intestine
endogenous made by one's own body (adj)
endoscopy process of using a scope to look into the body
eugenics choosing good genetic traits to propagate
eupepsia good digestion
eupnea easy breathing
euthanasia easy death
eutocia easy labor
hemostasis control blood flow
hyperplasia overdevelopment (too many cells)
hypoplasia underdevelopment (too few cells
inferior below
lateral side
lithotripsy surgical crushing of a stone
lymphostasis control or stoppage of lymph flow
medial middle
menopause cessation of menstration, ovulation, and atrophy of female reproductive system
menorrhagia hemorrhage during menstruation
menses menstration (menorrhea); singular and plural
mesoderm middle germ layer
midaxillary middle of the armpit
midsagittal the plane dividing the body into equal right and left halves
neurotripsy surgical crushing of a nerve
omphalectomy excision of the umbilicus
omphalic paertaining to the umbilicus
omphalitis inflammation of the umbilicus
omphalocele umbilicus hernia
omphalorrhagia hermorrage of the umbilicus
omphalorrhea discharge from the umbilicus
omphalorrhexis rupture of the umbilicus
osteochondrodysplasia defective development of bone and cartilage
para-appendicitis inflammation of near the appendix
paracentral pertaining to near center (adj)
paracolpitis inflammation near the vagina
paracystitis inflammation near the urinary blatter
parahepatitis inflammation near the liver
paranephritis inflammation near the kidney
parietal pertaining to the wall
peritoneum membrane of the abdomen
phlebostasis control of flow through a vein (venostatsis)
pleura membrane of the lungs
posteroanterior from back to front
posteroexternal back and outside
posterointernal back and inside
posterolateral back and side
procephalic in front of the head
pronosis predicting the outcome of a disease
prognostic pertaining to a prognosis
proximal near the point of origain or a designated point
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
pseudocyst false cyst
pseudoedema false swelling
pseudoesthesia false sensation
retrocolic behind the colon (adj)
retroflexion bending (flexing) backward
retroperitoneum behind the peritoneum
retroperitonitis inflammation of the area behind the peritoneum
retrosternal behind the sternum (adj)
retroversion twisting (turning) backward
sagittal vertical plane or slice, divides into left and right
signs objective observable information
superior above
symptoms subjective self-reporting information
syphilophobia abnormal fear of syphilis
syphilopsychosis severe mental condition caused by untreated syphilis
syphilotherapy treatment for syphilis
ventral front (anterior)
viscera organs
visceropleura membrane surrounding and attached to the lung
aerocele herniation containing air
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