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Aural Rehabilitation

Beginner defenitions

Aural Anything to do with hearing or resolving hearing
Aural Rehabilitation treatment to improve communication with people that have hearing loss after knowing how to talk
Aural Habilitation treatment to improve communication for people who have congenital hearing loss
Conversational fluency ability to have a smooth conversation-to and fro
Impairment any loss or abnormality of psychological/physiological/anatomical/structure of functon
Disability Any reduction in a persons ability to adress the needs of daily living
ALD (assistave listening devices) Non-hearing aid: FM personal amplifiers, alerting devices, closed captioning
Degree Severity of loss
Handicap any social or occupational disadvantage a person suffers (also affected by the people they come in contact with)
ICF definition of disability: Impairments and activity limitations and participation restrictions (interactions, health condition, personal and enviromental factors)
ICF disability 6 criteria: 1.cognition 2.mobility 3.self care 4. getting along 5. life activites 6. participation
bilateral both ears
unilateral one ear
symmetrical hearing loss same in both ears
asymmetrical hearing loss different in ears
Fluctuating having hearing loss change over time
dEAF profound HL (90dB or more)
Deaf functonally-> social identiy ASL
Prelingual before child learns speech (2years)
Perilingual Hearing lost while acquiring language
Postlingual deafness develops after acqusition of language (after age 6 usually-uncommon)
Congenital Hearing loss at or before birth
Acquired Hearing loss appears after birth (result of a disease-meningitis for example.)
Progressive hearing loss becomes worse over time
Sudden Hearing loss happens quickly
Goals of AR minimize or rid of communication difficulties and increase conversational fluency and of difficulties. (minimize the consequences)
4 parameters of Hearing loss 1.what is severity? 2. When did loss begin? 3. what is the cause? 4.How quickly has it progressed?
Information counseling audiogram interpretation, technology and amplification options, communication options, public health policies.
Adjustment counseling support to families: recognize, acknowledge, cope, advice
Sensorineural Hearing loss inner ear, midbrain, auditory context, 8th nerve, brain stem (usually permanent)
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