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samuel and samson q

samuel and samson quiz 3-5-13

who were Eli's 2 sons? Hophni and Phinhas
Hophni and Phinhas also committies immoral acts where? God's tent
In what 2 ways did Hophni and Phinhas rob God? 1. took parts of sacrificial animals to please themselves instead of sacrificing them 2. They also took their portion immediately instead of going through the proper procedures
Samuel's conduct gained favor with both _______ & __________? God & Man
few people in Samuel's day knew God, recognized his _________, or had a ___________________ with Him? Will and Relationship
Samuel received ______________ ____________ from God? Direct Revelation
God called samuel by name how many times? 4
Samuel listened to God's voice and what 2 things did he tell him? 1. To condemn(curse) Eli's sons 2. To condemn Eli - because he failed to prevent the wickedness of his sons
Israel actually had _____________ ______________ for wanting a king and wanted to be like other nations Ulterior motives
The Israelites had grown tired of a _______________(God's Rule) Theocracy
God ______________ samuel when he felt REJECTED Comforted
what 3 jobs did God gave Samuel to exalt him Preacher, deliver, and Civil Ruler
Describe Samuel's relationship to God in the spotlight Faithful and Humble
Describe Samuel's relationship to God in the shadows still faithful and humble felt rejected but God comforted him
define prophet Receives direct revelation from God
what was Eli's response to God's message obedient & acceptance
God instructed samson to never ______________ ____ _____ cut his hair
God gave Samson ___________ ____________? physical strength
Samson tore a lion apart with his _________ _________? bare hands
Samson dug _______ out of a lion's carcuss through a swarm of bees honey
what 3 things were weaknesses to samson? 1. Spirit of Revenge 2. Temptation 3. His heart was not devoted to God
who cut Samson's hair a philistine man
what happened to Samson which he did not notice? God left him
what was Samson's riddle "Out of the eater, something to eat Out of the strong, something sweet
what was the solution to Samson's riddle Out of the eater= the Lion Something to eat= honey Out of the strong= Lion Something sweet=honey
how many foxes did Samson catch 300
what did Samson do with the foxes Tied their tails in a harvest field and set their tails on fire with a torch and :(
how many men did Samson kill with the jawbone of a donkey 1,000 men
what 3 women tempted Samson a Prostitute, Delilah, & a philistine woman
how many days did Samson give the people to solve the riddle 7 days
how many men did Samson kill with his bare hands? 300 men