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History Chapter 14

Test questions

What is the capital of Italy? Rome
In what city is the famous "leaning tower?" Pisa
What is mainland Europe's highest active volcano? Mr. Vesuvius
What is the name of the island at the toe of Italy's boot? Sicily
Italy is often called the "Home of the _____?" Renaissance
Germany is often called the "Land of the ____?" Reformation
Adolf Hitler's desire to conquer led to what war? World War II
What is the capital of Germany? Berlin
What were these German's famous for...Bach, Handel, and Beethoven? musicians
Which country was reunited in the spring of 1990? Germany
Which German city was divided after World War II? Berlin
What is the name of Europe's most important inland waterway? Rhine River
Who was the leader of the National Socialist Party in Germany? Adolf Hitler
Who was one of teh greatest scientific geniuses of all times? Albert Einstein
Who was the leader of the Protestant Reformation in France? John Calvin
Who was the World War II hero who became president of the Fifth Republic (France)? Charles de Gaulle
Who was the scientist who taught the world how to protect against germs? Louis Pasteur
Who was the young peasant girl who led the French army to victory, but was later captured and burned at the stake? Joan of Arc
Who was the French emperor who wanted to conquer all of the world? Napoleon Bonaparte
Created by: kaylynleblanc