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A&P wordbits


epi upon
adipo fat
areoli small space
aer air
vaso vessel
meso middle
ecto outside
macro large
pseudo false
squam thin plate, scale
strat layer
neuro nerve
derma skin
lucid clear
sub under, below
kera horn, hardness
cut skin
os bone
osteo bone
genesis origin
myelo marrow
ethm sieve
cribr sieve
crist crest
lambd letter L
luna moon
semi half
dent relating to teeth
odont a tooth
oid like
cost ribs
demi half
latero side
cephla head
infra beneath
supra above
cruci cross
ab away from
ad toward
circum around
retro backward
amphi both
arthro joint
articulat joint
chondro cartilage
itis inflammation,infection
osis condition of
rheum watery discharge
mere part
myo,mys muscle, flesh
sacro flesh
gram tracing mark
con together
apo from
bi two
brachi arm
brev short
bucc mouth, cheek
cap, ceps head
cnem leg
gastro stomach, belly
delt greek delta
glute buttock
grac slender
lat broad
maxi large
mini small
or mouth
platys flat
rect straight
sartor tailor
serra toothed, notched
teres round
vast large
astro star
dendr tree
glia glue
lemm sheath
olig few
soma body
dura hard
arachn spider
pia tender
cauda tail
rami branch
rhiz root
Created by: TracieBrack



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