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EYO Vocabulary

Government Vocab

Partisan Favoring one side of an issue P
Precedent A tradition P
Cabinet President's Advisors C
Bond A note from the government which promises to pay off a loan with interest. B
National Debt An amount of money a national government owes another. N
Speculator A person who risks their money to make a profit S
Unconstitutional Not agreeing with the constitution U
Tariff A tax on imports and exports T
Neutrality Not taking sides on a conflict N
Impressment Forcing people into service I
Inaguration The ceremony in which the president takes the oath of office I
Alien A person moving from one country to another without being a citizen
Deport To send out of country, aliens who are considered dangerous
State's Rights The rights and powers independent of the federal government that is being reserved for the states by constitution; a belief
Nullify To cancel or make ineffective N
Sedition Activities aimed at weakening the government
Caucus A meeting held by a political party to choose their candidate for president or decide policy
Implied Powers Powers not mentioned in the constitution I
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