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R Measurements

Bio Med Tech course 1

When measuring resistance your function switch must be set to? Ohms Ω
What are the two positions for Ohms Ω on the digital multimeter? There is Ω and 20MΩ on the meter. Use Ω for resistance less than 2MΩ. Use 20MΩ for resistance between 2MΩ and 20MΩ
How does the Ohm Ω scale read on a analog multimeter? It reads from right to left from 0 to ∞ or infinity.
How do you place the test leads in the multimeter when measuring resistance/Ohms Ω. Place the black lead in the common jack and the red lead in the ohm Ω jack.
How do you scale for resistance measurements? You need to multiply the number that the needle is pointing to by the range selected.
If 100 ohms is measured with the range set on X1 what value will you have? The value is 100 Ω (100 x 1)
If 100 kΩ is measured what do you do? Set the range to X10k. The value measure is 100 kOhms, (10 X 10k)
How should you measure resistance in a circuit? With the power off and the test leads across the resistance being measured
Because the test lead is not referenced to ground when measuring resistance what happens? If you place the test leads on either side of the resistor it produces the same result.
What happens if you open the path between two resistors? You will only be able to read one resistor
What could happen if you measure resistance with the power on? You can cause severe damage to the meter or injury to youself
Which control zeros the ohm scale on a analog multimeter? Zero ohm adjust
Can you measure resistance on a wire? No you must have a resistor.
Where should the needle point when measuring a 1M ohm resistor? 100 with the range switch on X10k
To obtain the closest mid-scale reading on the meter, where should the needle point when measuring 10 kohm resistor? 10 with the range switch on X1k
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