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SAT Vocabulary 1

Vocab Words for SAT

abstract Theoretical or difficult to understand. "The math book was very abstract, full of letters and numbers that made little sense."
Apathy lack of emotion or concern "He felt nothing but apathy towards the world after his family died."
Ascend to move upwards "The group began to ascend the hill"
Assuage To relieve, to ease, to lessen "The doctor assuaged the patients wound making him feel better."
Atrophy To waste away "The wound began to atrophy, and the arm fell off"
Capricious Tending to change one's mind suddenly "The boy with ADD was Capricious, never able to focus on a single thing"
Coalesce To unite/Come together "The clouds began to coalesce, forming a thundercloud in the sky"
Commend To praise The solider was commended by the army for his brave actions
Contrite Regretful/Feeling guilty for an offense "The prisoner felt contrite after murdering the innocent man."
Conventional Traditional/Ordinary "His methods were anything but conventional, never before seen in the world.
Copious Plentiful/Abundant "There was a copious amount of dirt on the boy after he rolled in the mud"
Corrupt To change from good to bad. "The teacher corrupted the children by swearing in front of them"
Cursory Hasty without regard for details "She gave her vocab sheet a cursory glance before going back to watching her television show."
Debilitate To weaken "The disease debilitated the man, causing him to become frail and weak.
Denounce To criticize publicly. "The politician denounced his rival, saying he was full of lies."
Deplore to regret, to regard as regrettable "We deplore our actions that lead to this violence"
Discord Lack of agreement or harmony "The room was full of discord as the people argued.
Disperse To spread or distribute widely, to scatter "The crowd dispersed when the police arrived"
Endorse To support or approve of "The president decided to endorse gay marriage"
Enhance To improve or intensify "The house was enhanced, and expanded to have three new rooms.
Ephemeral Short-lived, lasting for a brief time "The high school relationship was Ephemeral, lasting only three days.
Esoteric Understood or known by a select few. "The complicated mysteries of sciences are estoeric"
Essential Necessary "It was essential that she study for her test"
Extricate To free from difficulty "The soldiers needed to be extricated from the battle"
Guile trickiness,deceptiveness "The conman possessed great guile, able to sell ice to an eskimo"
Impartial Fair, not favoring either side "The judge was impartial, and provided a fair trial to the accused.
Inclination Tendency, preference, liking "She was inclined to bite her nails when nervous."
Inept lacking skill, awkward, clumsy "The boy was inept at carpentry, having never worked with wood before."
Inevitable unavoidable,certain to happen "Death is inevitable, it cannot be escaped"
Innate Innate, naturally present. "He had the innate ability to know when it was going to rain."
Innocous harmless "Lion's are not innocous animals
Innovative Original/new "The engineer was quite innovative when he designed a brand new music player"
Intractable difficult to manage/stubborn "I am a very Intractable person, I like to always have my way"
Meager lacking in quantity or quality "The homeless man ate a very meager meal, of only bread and water"
Monotony A dull sameness, "The monotony of the lecture put the students to sleep."
Munificent Very generous "I am a very munificent person, I baked cupcakes for my class
novel new or different "The idea was quite novel, never having been seen before.
Obscure Difficult to see or understand "The science paper was very obscure, and couldn't be understood."
Ponderous Very heavy dull, boring "The science textbook was very ponderous
Quiescence Inactivity or state of tranquility "The quiescence of the forest was great for relaxing"
refute To disprove "The lawyer needed to refute the oppositions argument.
Reticent quiet over and over again, disinclined to talk under certain conditions "When asked what his politics were, the politician was very reticent, not revealing anything.
Spontaneous sudden, impulsive, unplanned "The spontaneous decision to throw a party had terrible concequences"
Substantial large, important "There was a substantial mess after the children finished playing"
Succinct Concise, brief, but clear "The 2 page paper was succinct, but brilliant
Superficial On the surface, shallow "She was a very superficial person, only caring what her friends looked like on the outside."
Taciturn generally quiet, disinclined to talk, implies un sociability "The girl was very taciturn, never talking with anyone and keeping to herself
Undermine To attack/ to weaken secretly "The dogs undermined the structure of the fence by digging holes everywhere, until it collapsed."
Voluble talkative, smooth/fast-talking "Her teacher is very voluble, she never stops talking
Vulnerable Easy to injure "The boy with the broken leg was vulnerable to the evil dogs, unable to run as they chased him."
Created by: Jasmeen
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