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Multimeter use

Bio Med Tech course 1

What are the three quantities that multmeters measure? Voltage, Current, and Resistance
How is the analog multimeter recognized? By its display's pointer (needle) that indicates the measured value on a scale.
How is the digital multimeter recognized? By a digital or liquid crystal display (LCD) display that indicates the exact measured value.
A "_" sign in the display of a digital multimeter is an indication that? A negative voltage is being measured
One feature that a digital multimer may have that an analog multimeter does not have? Auto range
Which of the following would not be a display indication of overload condition for a digital multimeter? The display shows "0"
Which of the following are signs on the display that indicates a overload condition for a digital multimeter? "E" for error, "OL" for overload, The digits are flashing
When measuring resistance with an analog multimeter, the measured value is obtained by? Multiplying the reading by the multiplier at the switch position.
The most prominent difference between an analog and digital multimeter is the? Display
When measuring a negative DC voltage with an Analog multimeter without a function switch setting for -DC, place the positive test lead----and the negative test lead----? To ground, to -V test point
Not all digital multimeters have a? Range switch
What are the parameters are measured by a multimeter? Current, Resistance, Voltage
To measure at a test point with a multimeter that does not have alligator clip ends? Hold the lead in place
Test equipment should always be----before power is applied to circuit under test. Prepared for operation
What can the Analog multimeter be used for? It can be used to make ACCURATE NON-FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MEASUREMENTS of AC and DC voltage, current, and resistance.
What is Zero Ohms used for on an Analog meter? It is used to compensate from probe resistance
When making measurements with an analog meter of unknown values what should you do? Start with the largest range and then decrease until the needle is closest to mid-scale
What provides for the most accurate measurements on an analog meter? Midscale readings
What can the Digital multimeter be utilized for? It can be used to make MORE EXACT Voltage, current, and resistance measurements.
Digital multimeters have a frequency range where-----can be obtained? Accurate AC readings
What sign is visible on the screen of a digital meter when measuring for negative readings? A negative sign ("-") is displayed
What does the O.L. sign mean when visible on the screen of a digital meter? O.L. will be indicated when an out-of-limits, overload, or infinite condition exists
How are Large or Small values displayed on the display of a digital meter? It is displayed in metric notation indicated by the appropriate symbol on the display
Where do you place the test leads into the multimeter? Place the red lead in the voltage jack Place the black lead into the common jack
Where do you place the black reference or negative lead into the circuit? Normally placed at a lower potential with respect to the red lead
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