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Bio Med Tech course 1

What is a resistor? A device used to control current flow
The amount of resistance to current is measured in? Ohms, the more ohms (higher ohmic value) a resistor has, the higher its resistance
Resistor is represented by the letter? R
Resistors have a color code on it that is called? Reference designation
Reference designation will? Increase by one to identify each additional resistor.
What is this sybmol Ω? Is the Greek letter omega that abbreviates ohm. 10 ohms= 10 Ω.
Insulators are considered to have ---to current flow? Maximum resistance
As resistance increases? Less current will flow
As resistance decreases? More current will flow
Resistor is represented by either? A rectangle or a zig-zag line
Resistors are classified in two types? Fixed value or variable value
Fixed resistors are made with? Specific ohmic value
Variable resistors are made so their? Ohmic value can be adjusted or changed
Fixed resistors are classified in what three categories? General purpose, Power, Precision
What is the most common resistor? General purpose, becuase they are inexpensive and meet the needs of most circuit applications
Most widely used general purpose resistor is the? Carbon resistor
How are carbon resistors identified? By color bands which indicate their value
A carbon composition resistor has what type of body shape? It has a cylindrical shaped molded body.
A carbon film resistor has what type of body shape? It has a bone like shaped boy dipped in epoxy
Power resistors are used when? When a circuit has a large current flow, such as in a power supply
Power resistors are normally made of? Wire wound around a core. They may be called wire wound resistors
Precision resistors are used when? When an exact value of resistance is necessary for a correct circuit operation
Precisions resistor's value are? Either represented by a code written in letters or number or color bands
The value of resistance is normally? Printed on the body of the resisor and followed by a Ω symbol, a k or an M.
Variable resistors are used to make? Changes in a circuit's resistance or to vary the amount of current in a circuit.
What are the two types of variable resistors? Potentiometers and Rheostats
Potentiometers are made of? Carbon composition material formed in a broken cirle. The max ohm value is printed on the case. It has three leads are are configured to operateas a voltage divider controlling voltage by varying the circuit's resistance
Potentiometers are used when? Circuit current flow is low.
Rheostats are made of? Wire wound on a core in a broken circle. Its max ohm value is printed on the case They have two leads and are configured in a circuit to control current
Rheostats are used when? With higher levels of current
What type of potentiometer is used to vary the resistance of a circuit and is well suited for use on a printed circuit card? Trimmer potentiometer
What is a larger potentiometer called that is mounted on a chassis? Control potentiometers. Used as a volume control on a radio
Resistors have three general characteristics? Power rating. Tolerance. Ohmic value
What is a power rating? It describes the amount of heat a resistor can safely give off.
If the amount of heat exceeds the power rating? The resistor will "burn-up"
Power rating is measured in ---on a carbon composition resistor? Watts
What resistor is not as likely to be damaged by heat as a carbon composition resistor? Carbon film resistors
Carbon film resistors are smaller than? Carbon composition resistors
What type of resistors are even less likely to be damaged by heat? Wire wound resistors
What is tolerance also know as percent of error? The amount of difference that is acceptable between the measured ohmic value and the indicated value.
Tolerance is usually described as? Percent, such as 1%, 5%, 10%, etc.
If a 2000 ohm resistor has tolerance of 10% what is the actual value? Anywhere between 1800 and 2200 ohms. 2000 x 10%=200 200-200=1800 2000+200=2200
If a 2000 ohm resistor has tolerance of 1% what is the actual value? Anywhere between 1980 and 2020 ohms. 2000 x 1%=20 2000-20=1980 2000+20=2020
As tolerance decreases, the amount of the difference? Decreases
Carbon based resistors are used when? Circuits that only require the accuracy to be within 5%
Precision resistors are used when? Circuits that require an accuracy to be within 1%
Resistor's tolerance is identified by? A color band or is printed on the resistor.
How is the carbon resistor's tolerance indicated? By the 4th color band
The power resistor's tolerance is? Printed on the body
The precision resistor's tolerance is indicated by? A code
Fixed resistors are made to have? One ohmic value, the value can range from a fraction of an ohm (Ω) to tens of megohms (MΩ)
"BIG" Color Black represents? Significant number 0 Multiplier 1
"BOYS" Color Brown represents? Significant number 1 Multiplier 10
"RACE" Color Red represents? Significant number 2 Multiplier 100
"OUR" Color Orange represnts? Significant number 3 Multiplier 1,000
"YOUNG" Color Yellow represents? Significant number 4 Multiplier 10,000
"GIRLS" Color Green represents? Significant number 5 Multiplier 100,000
"BUT" Color Blue represents? Significant number 6 Multiplier 1,000,000
"VIOLET" Color Violet represents? Significant number 7 Multiplier 10,000,000
"GENERALLY" Color Gray represnets? Significant number 8 Multiplier 100,000,000
"WINS" Color White represents? Significant number 9 Multiplier 1,000,000,000
Color Gold represents? Multiplier 0.1 Tolerance 5%
Color Silver represents? Multiplier 0.01 Tolerance 10%
No Color represents? Tolerance 20%
The first color band represents? The first number in the resistance value
The second color band represents? The second number in the resistance value
The third color band represents? The multiplier or number of zeros to add to the value of the resistor.
The fourth color band represents? The tolerance
Military resistors and precision resistors using color bands have five bands. What is the fifth band? The fifth band is the reliability band. It indicates the percentage of failures for a group of identical resistors during 1000 hours of standard operation
To get the ohmic value of a resistor? Put the value of first band then the value of the second band and add the proper number of zeros that the 3rd band indicates.
Number/Letter Codes also represent? A resistor's value
These codes are called military specification codes. CGW RN65D 3572FJ
The four digits indicate? CGW RN65D 3572FJ? The ohmic value
The digit 3 is the? CGW RN65D 3572FJ? The first significant digit
The digit 5 is the? CGW RN65D 3572FJ? The second significant digit
The digit 7 is the? CGW RN65D 3572FJ? The third significant digit
The digit 2 is the? CGW RN65D 3572FJ? The multiplier or number of zeros
The ohmic value in CGW RN65D 3572FJ? 35700 Ohms or 35.7 KΩ
What is the tolerence codes in the military specification code. F-1% G-2% J-5%
What is the letter J in CGW RN65D 3572FJ represent? J is used for special purposes. In this case means this resistor meets military specifications
What does the code 3572FJ mean? The code 3572FJ means. 3572- 35700 ohms or 35.7 KΩ F-1% tolerance J- Meets military specifications
What does the R in CGW RN65D 3572FJ mean? The first letter indicates the component is a resistor
What does the N in CGW RN65D 3572FJ mean? The second letter is the style. N- Metal Film, W- Wire Wound, CR- Carbon
What does the 65 in CGW RN65D 3572FJ mean? The two numbers indicate the power rating, or watt size. 55- 1/8 Watt, 60- 1/4 Watt, 65-1/2 Watt
What does the D in CGW RN65D 3572FJ mean? The D indicates the temperature coefficient. This tells the user how much the ohmic value can change as a result of a temperature change.
Which symbol represents a fixed resistor? Zig-Zag line
How is the value of resistance marked on a power resistor? Printed
The higher the ohmic value? The highter the resistance The less current flows
What does R stand for? Resistor
What does N stand for? Metal film
What does CR stand for? Carbon
What does W stand for? Wire Wound
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