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Chapter 8: Vocab

Black Book

Political Geography the study of political organization of the world
Territorial the attempt to control or influence someone by delimiting the control over an area
Capitalism the world economy, people, etc. produce goods and exchange them on the market for profit
Core generates more wealth which incorporates higher levels of education, salaries, and technology
Periphery lower levels of education, salaries and technology
Semi-Periphery places where core and periphery occur
Territorial Representation each rep is elected from a territorial defined district
Reapportionment districts are moved by population shifts so each districts around the same number of people
Splitting majority and are split even so there is no dominance
Majority-Minority Districts packed districts where a majority of population is form the minority
Geometric Boundary boundaries that are drawn using grids
Physical-Political Boundaries boundaries agreeing on physical landscape
Heartland Theory a geopolitical hypothesis
Devolution movement of a power from the central government to regional governments
Supranational Organization separate entity composed of 3 or more states that forge as an association and form a mutual benefit and in pursuit of shared goals
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