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GANAT2 xmash

extra mash cards

Name two sinuses which connect to the confluence of sinuses other than the transverse sinus and the superior sagittal sinus straight sinus and occipital sinus
describe medial and lateral boundaries of the quadrate lobe of the liver medial: fissure for ligamentum teres hepatis lateral: gallbladder
ligament into which the tail of the pancreas extends splenorenal ligament
immediate structure formed by union of the common bile duct and the main pancreatic ducts hepatopancreatic ampulla
vessel of which the given artery is a direct branch a. left gastroepiploic b. inferior pancreaticoduodenal c. superior suprarenal d. left colic a. splenic a. b. superior mesenteric a. c. inferior phrenic a. d. inferior mesenteric a.
branches of the splenic a. proper splenic, pancreatic, short gastric, left gastroepiploic
supplies pectineus, gracilis, adductors of hip and hip joint, etc with arterial blood obturator a.
pelvic vessel supplying psoas major, quadratus lumborum, lumbar br of iliolumbar a
the median sulcus of the tongue ends just anterior to the root of the tongue in a small depression termed the ------- foramen cecum
the -------- opens into the mouth via a small papilla near the upper 2nd molar parotid duct
the head of the pancreas has what process? anteriorly, what crosses the process immediately uncinate process, superior mesenteric a. and v.
name the vessel of which the given artery is a direct branch a. right gastric a. b. short gastric a. c. middle colic a. d. right gastroepiploic a. a.common hepatic b.splenic a. c.superior mesenteric a. d.gastroduodenal a.
give the adult derivatives of the following: a. distal umbilical arteries b. umbilical vein a. medial umbilical ligs b. ligamentum teres hepatis
branches of the opthalmic a. ciliary, lacrimal, supraorbital, supratrochlear, central a. of retina, dorsal nasal, palpebral
give the upper and lower boundaries of the laryngopharynx hyoid- lower border of cricoid cart.
name the vessel of which the given artery is a direct branch a. abdominal esophageal a. b. superior pancreaticoduodenal a. c. left gonadal a. d. inferior suprarenal a. a. left gastric b. common hepatic c. abdominal aorta d. renal
name the vessels to which the given vein is a direct tributary a. left gonadal v. b. deep circumflex iliac v. c. cystic v. d. superficial epigastric v. a. left renal b. external iliac c. right hepatic d. great saphenous
vessel that supplies levator ani, piriformis, coccygeus, gluteus maximus, etc. internal pudendal a.
artery of which the inferior vesicle is a branch umbilical a.
during degulutition, area through which food is diverted by epiglottis piriform recess
structure which helps hold duodenojejunal flexure in place ligament of treitz
give the upper and lower boundaries of the sigmoid colon upper: upper pelvic brim lower: S3
name 4 branches of the facial a. besides tonsilar branch superior labial, inferior labial, angular, lateral nasal, submental
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