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Job Roles

Job roles in the catering industry

Manager A manager is in charge of the day to day running of a business. Organises every area and is responsible for it making a profit.
Assistant Manager responsible when the manager is away. They have work delegated to them by the manager.
Job roles in the catering industry can be split into three groups ? Management and administration. Food preparation Food and drink service.
Head Chef Head chef is in charge of the kitchen. They are responsible for ;- food production menu planning Purchasing costing planning work rotas hygiene and cleaning rotas.
Sous Chef (second chef) Directly in charge of food production. Overseas all the food being produced.
Sauce Chef (saucier) prepares sauces, stews and sautes food to order. Considered a high station in the kitchen.
Pastry Chef prepares pastries and desserts to a high standard.
Larder Chef (garde manger) responsible for cold foods including salads, dressings, pates and buffet items.
Vegetable chef prepares all the vegetbales and soups. In large kitchens this job maybe divided into 3 veg cook / fry cook / soup cook.
Commis Chef (assistant chef) A commis chef is normally a chef who has comepelted their basic training. They help in all areas of the kitchen doing easier tasks.
Kitchen Porter (KP) KP's cleanup after cooks, wash up and carry goods from the store.
Restaurant Manager in charge of the restaurnat. Takes bookings, relays information to the head chef, arranges staff training, completes staff rotas and ensure everything 'front of house' runs smoothly.
Head waiter/ waitress second in charge in the restaurant. they greet customers at the door and seat customers. They also deal with complaints.
wine waiter they are responsible for helping the customer select a wine to accompany their meal. They serve only drinks.
waiting staff / waiter / waitress serve customers, take the order, clear tables, check customers are happy with the service.
Full time Full time is often work 5 days a week and all year round. They will have set shifts. They often have a contract.
Part Time Part time staff only work a few days a week and aften work only at busier times to support the full time staff.
Casual Staff Casual staff are only employed to work for certain events or set times for example the Christmas rush. They will not know when they will be needed to work again.
Is it better to be a permanent member of staff or casual ? Permanent job because you will have a contract and specific employment rights like sick pay.
How do catering establishments hire casual staff ? They use agencies who provide the correctly trained staff for the event you require.
If you wanted a job in the catering industry where would you look ? Local newspapers, job websites, large food chain websites, The Caterer website or contact a business directly
If a Kitchen porter is not washing up hygienically enough who is responsible for telling them to improve ? The head chef or the Sous chef must tell them to improve.
If a customer is unhappy with their meal who will tell the head chef ? The restaurant manager or the head waiter.
Who makes all the desserts in the kitchen ? pastry chef
If you have completed basic chef training what are you called ? Commis chef
If a customer wants help choosing a wine for their meal who do they ask ? wine waiter
Who is responsible for running the overall business and making sure it makes a profit ? Manager.
Who takes a customers order ? waiter
If you ordered a salad who would make it ? a larder chef.
In the kitchen who plans the menu and costings ? Head chef
What is the kitchen brigade ? The term used for all the chefs in the kitchen.
Who greets a customer as they enter a restaurant ? the head waiter.
What jobs would you class as a supervisor ? head chef / sous chef / restaurant manager and station head waiter.
What job roles would you consider as an operative ? Operative is someone who does things. Commis chef / kitchen porter and waiting staff.
Where does preparation happen ? kitchen
Where is food and drink service ? front of house in the restaurant.
What is 'on the job training' ? where you can learn as you work.
Created by: miss workman