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SS Europe 1

1st part of Europe not crusade

3 features that shaped how people lived in Europe Land, climate, water features (where they lived is how they lived)
Topography Refers to the shape and elevation of land in a region
How does topography change from n Europe to s Europe? N - smooth and plain wetter S- mountainous warm Scand - mountainous and cold
Eurasia The large landmass that includes both Europe and Asia
What is the landmass that separates Europe and Asia Ural mts
Middle Ages Period that lasted from 500 - 1500 . between ancient and modern times
Medieval Another name for Middle Ages in Latin
Missionaries Pepl who try to convert others to a particular religion. Usually sent by the pope
Patrick 1st missionaries 2travl 2ireland and was not sent by pope
Monks Religious men who livd apart from society in monasteries
Monasteries Communities of monks
Benedict Italian monk who created Benedictine rule
Benedictine rule Code 4 monks on how 2 live
Clovis Leader of franks who united them 2 be Become Christian
Charlemagne Brilliant worrior And a strong king who Lead The franks to Have a large empire Made lots of schools And brought scholars
The franks Group of people that had an empire that came From gaul
The Vikings Fierce Warriors from Scandinavia they looted towns and monasteries and And took people as slaves Amazing carpenters Big boats and. Could move fast through rivers
Feudalism System of promises That governed The relationship between lords and vassals
Knights Warriors who bought on horseback
Vassals Knights Who promised To support a lord In exchange for Land
The Lord duties -Send help to vassals If an enemy attack -Had to be fair to them -Could not cheat or punish for no reason
The vassals duties Had to fight for their Lord Give money to Lords on special occasions Such as weddings or when they became a night Gave his lord Food and shelter if he visited
William the conqueror Duke of Normandy Who conquered England In the battle of Hastings In 1066 He fought Harold
The manor system When knights allowed peasants to farm on their estate. In return peasants Gave knights Food or other payment
Manor Large estates owned by a Lord or knight
Serf Workers who were tied on the land that they lived They could leave only with the Lords Permission
Eleanor of Aquitaine The Queen of Aquitaine or Southern France She divorced The king And married the king of England She then became the queen of England
Reason for the decline of feudalism Population Increases, Bigger cities, More food was available because Of the heavier plow and the horse collar, Trade increased, Peasants went to cities, Knights Demanded money
Chivalry Code of honorable behavior for knights
Artistic themes of Europe and Japan in the middle ages Japan was. Nature Europe was religious
What region of Europe has the best land for farming Northern Europe
How have rivers and seas influenced in Europe Easy transportation, Protection, Trade, Help crops grow, Provided food And a living
Good luck to you Don't forget to pray
Created by: sparklyrose88