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Gross 2


Q What carpal bones articulate with the radius? A Scaphoid and Lunate
Q Just distal to the pisiform, the ulnar a. splits into deep/superficial aa. that arch. Which is larger? A The superficial ulnar a./ palmar arch is larger.
Q "Navicular" is another name for which carpal bone? A Scaphoid
Q What are the lateral borders of the flexor retinaculum? A med = pisiform, and hook of hamate, lat = tubercles of the navicular and trapezium
Q Both the sup/deep palmar arch aa. give off how many metacarpal aa.? On which digits? Where do these communicate? A 3 metacarpal aa. each, for digits 2-4, and they anastamose at the fingertips N466
Q What is the name of the branches found off the metacarpal aa. from the superficial palmar arch, before anastamosing with the metacarpal aa. from the deep palmar arch a.? A proper palmar digital aa. (There are 6 of these, 2 for each branch on digits 2-4) N466
Q This BV in t he wrist is found deep to the flexor carpi radialis, and at it's distal end favors the anatomical snuffbox A Radial a.
Q Where does the radial a. enter the palm? A between the base of MC 1 and 2
Q What BV supplies the majority of the pollicis? A Radial
T/F the radial n. supplies motor to the hand mm. A False, it has NO motor innervation to the hand mm.
Q I say "Tunnel of Guyon" and you say what n? Where is this tunnel?*** A The ULNAR n. (deep branch) passes through the tunnel of Guyon and into the palm. It is lat to pisiform, and looks to be med to hook of hamate (notes say lat to both) to N454, 466***
Look at the sensory innervation the the wrist/hand on N472 Look back at picture "F" in the notes as well.
Q What BV branches at the prox border of the interosseus membrane in the forearm? What is this a branch off of? *** A The common interosseous a. branches into ant/pos branches, and is itself a branch off of the ulnar a. N 434
Q What is the innervation of the anconeus m.? A radial n.
Q What is the function of the anconeus m? A assist the triceps m. in extension of elbow, and assist with pronation (by abducting the ulna)
Created by: GrossAnatomy2