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2W1B Volume 1


(001)What is the lifting capacity of the MJ-1/B? 3,000 pounds
(001)What drives the rear wheels on the MJ-1? hydrostatic drive system
(001)What type of engine is used in the MJ-1/B? 25.2 horsepower, diesel engine
(001)Name the three components of the hydrostatic drive system? 1. Fluid coupling 2. Variable displacement hydraulic pump 3. A fixed displacement motor
(001)How does the accelerator pedal change the speed of the MJ-1/B lift truck? Changing the position of the accelerator pedal varies the flow rate of the hydraulic pump
(001)How are the cantilever lift arms operated on the MJ-1/B? By controls at the driver's station or controls directly behind the cradle
(001)What is supported by the lift arms and used to hold the munition or store to be loaded? Cradle assembly
(002)What is the lift capacity of the MJ-40? 10,000 pounds
(002)What device ensures the lift boom cannot fall if a hydraulic line were to rupture? hydraulic locking valve
(002)What functions can the remote control unit control? Longitudinal, lift, roll, azimuth, tilt, yaw, and ram motions
(002)How is the remote control attached to the lift truck? A flexible electrical cord
(002)What aircraft loading missions are supported by the MJ-40? B-1 and B-2
(003)What are the MHU-83 series munitions handling/loading lift truck designed to do? To lift, transport and load/unload munitions and stores weighing up to 7,000 pounds
(003)Describe the engine of the MHU-83 series lift trucks. Air-cooled, 25.2 horsepower, two-cylinder diesel engine
(003)What is used to lift the front wheels off the ground to adjust the width of the side frames? The lift boom
(003)Which variant of the MHU-83 incorporates features of the MJ-40 to increase its capabilites allowing it to support a wider variety of missions? MHU-83 D/E
(003)What is the purpose of the hand pump located on the right-hand side of the MHU-83? To operate the hydraulic system should the engine quit.
(003)What type of fuel is the MHU-83 capable of using? Diesel or JP-8
(003)What device controls the engine speed of an MHU-83? Hand throttle
(003)Where are the controls located for adjusting the side frame width of the MHU-83? The operator's position only
(003)What device ensures the boom cannot fall in the event hydraulic power is loss or a component fails or a line breaks on the MHU-83 series lift trucks? Hydraulic system safety interlocks
(003)The MHU-83 component used to lift the front wheels off the ground to allow side frame width adjustment? lift boom
(004)Which lift truck or trucks use bomb rollers? All bomb lift trucks
(004)What is the lift capacity of aluminum rollers when installed on the MJ-1? 3,000 pounds
(004)What are load binders used for? To secure a single munition to the lift table or loading adapter
(004)What are "Y" stands used for? To support munitions temporarily
(004)What is a gantry stand used for? To support TERs when loading them or for future use
(004)What beams are used to transfer naval mines from their cases to the MHU-83 lift truck? MK 4 MOD 0, MK-55 and H1004
(004)What is the lift capacity of the sling assembly? 4,600 pounds
(004)What is the lifting capacity of the MHU-83 and MJ-40 when the fork adapter assemblies are installed? 6,000 pounds
(004)What is the max lifting height on the MHU-83 when the lifting adapter is installed in the inverted position? 107.5 inches
(004)What are the suspension handling/loading adapters used for? Facilitating storage,transporting, loading and unloading aircraft suspension equipment
(004)What are 36 inch adapters used for? Load internal and external stores on the B-52
(004)What lift trucks are used with the MRA? MJ-40 and MHU-83 D/E
(004)What is the lift capacity of an MHU-83 with aluminum rollers installed? 7,000 pounds
(004)Which bomb support rollers may be used with roller extensions? All of them
(004)How many load binders do you need when loading with an MHU-83? 2
(004)What type of load binder is attached to bomb support beams? Nylon
(004)Extension lift arms installed on the MJ-1 lift truck limits lifting capacity 2,200 pounds
(004)You install the extension lift arms on the MJ-1 A/B lift truck by inserting the ends of the arms into slots in the lift arms
(004)What accessory is used to conjuction with the MHU-83 series lift truck to load external heavy stores on a B-52? Fork adapter assembly
(004)What attaches the fork adapters to the MHU-83 series lift truck's table assembly? Two quick release pins
(004)Pylons are attached to pylon handling adapters for mounting or removing from aircraft with the pylon's bomb rack hooks
(004)What bomb loading adapter is used in loading internal and external stores on the B-52? F310707-500 bomb loading adapter
(004)Which lift trucks supports the use of the mechanical ram assembly (MRA)? MHU-83 D/E or MJ-40
(004)Where does the mechanical ram assembly (MRA) receive its power from? Thru two hydraulic service lines attached to the lift trucks lift boom
(004)How is the mechanical ram assembly (MRA) primarily controlled/operated? The lift trucks remote control unit
(004)What is the fully extended height of the mechanical ram assembly (MRA)? 83 inches
(005)From where do these trailers get electrical power to illuminate their brake lights? The trailer's intervehicular harness
(005)What accessory on the MHU-110 trailer may be installed on the main rail assembly to facilitate loading and unloading munitions? Rail extenders
(005)What is the maximum weight supported by a pair of rail extenders? 3,000 pounds
(005)How many trolleys and chocks can be installed on the deck of the MHU-110 trailer? 24 trolleys and 48 chocks
(005)What is the purpose of the hinged deck sections found on the MHU-141/M and the MHU-226/M? To allow a lift truck to driven directly under the trailer
(005)What is the purpose of the breakaway cable? If the trailer should disengage from the tow vehicle, the breakaway cable will pull a lever in the surge brake forward, applying the trailer brakes.
(006)What aircrafts were powered lift trailers specifically designed to support? B-52, B-2, and B-1
(006)Which of the powered lift trailers are approved for handling nuclear weapons? MHU-196 and MHU-204
(006)What is the lift capacity of the MHU-204/M and MHU-196/M lift trailers? 40,000 pounds
(006)Why is the frame width adjustable on the MHU-204/M and MHU-196/M lift trailers? For various load widths
(006)What is the maximum lifting height of the MHU-196? MHU-204? MHU-204=8 feet 4 inches/MHU-196=12 feet
(006)How much air pressure must be maintained in the air tank before loading with the MHU-204/M and MHU-196/M lift trailers? MHU-204 must have 105 psi/MHU-196 must have 90 psi
(006)How many different operationial modes are available on the PCU that controls the MHU-204/M and the MHU-196/M trailers? 15
(006)To prevent personnel injury or equipment damage, each operational mode of the MHU-204/M and the MHU-196/M trailers automatically shuts off when either one of two team members press a remote stop switch or When the "deadman" switch is released on the PCU
(006)How many people are required to remove the tow bar of the MHU-204/M and MHU-196/M trailers? 2
(006)What MHU-204/M and MHU-196/M trailer component allow for precise lateral and longitudinal positioning corrections to the lift trailers and load during lifting operations? X-Y pads
(006)Independent operation of either lift arm mechanism on the MHU-196/M trailer results In rolling the load
(006)What MHU-196/M trailer component supports the lift arms under transport conditions? Retractable travel locks
(006)What component(s) of the MHU-196/M trailer accommodate(s) various load adapters? A removable lift beam extension
(007)What is the drum capacity for the LALS? 2,100 rounds
(007)What is the main difference between the UALS and the LALS? The linkless capability and the use of a tray assembly to hold the ammunition before loading.
(007)What provides power for the ALA during normal A-10 gun system loading and unloading? The aircraft's hydraulic system
(007)What interfaces directly with the A-10 to load ammo from storage containers into the 30mm gun system? GFU-7/E ALA
(007)Which component of the LALS transfers rounds into the gun system loading adapter? Interface unit
(007)What position must the shift lever handle on the interface be in before mating the LALS to the aircraft? BYPASS
(007)What is the ammo capacity of the 20mm UALS? 2,100 rounds
(008)The -60 set provides what type of power? AC & DC electrical power and high pressure pneumatic power
(008)Where are the 3 instrument panels on the -60? left hand forward side of the generator set
(008)What electrical service provisions are made possible by the power outlet panel on the -60? It lets you supply electrical power to equipment other than the aircraft
(008)What type of power is supplied by the -95? Bleed Air
(008)How may the operator check the fluid level in the lubricating oil tank of the -95? A sight glass on the tank allows the operator to verify fluid level without touching it.
(008)What type of power is supplied by the A/M 32A-86? 400Hz, three phass power at 115/200 VAC or 230/400 VAC
(008)What three panels will concern you in operating the -86 generator? generator control panel, engine control panel and the external AC panel
(008)What panel has the indicators that monitor voltage output and current while the -86 is operating? Generator control panel
(008)What aircraft are supported by the starter cart assembly? MQ-1 and MQ-9
(008)Which item is the only auxiliary power unit (APU) to provide both electrical and pneumatic power? A/M 32A-60
(008)Which A/M 32A-60 control panel has the switches and controls necessary to operate the DC generator and to monitor the DC voltage output of the generator set? DC instrument
(008)The brake on the A/M32A-60 is released by lowering the tow bar
(008)Due to the expansion properties of fuel, an unmodified A/M32A-95 fuel tank should not be filled more than approximately 1/2 full
(008)Which panel of the A/M 32A-86 generator set has the circuit breaker to shut off current flow is case of an overload? External AC
(008)What type of power is provided to the MQ-1 and MQ-9 aircraft by the starter cart assembly (SCA) for use in the avionics systems? 28 VDC
(008)Where is the control panel of the starter cart assembly (SCA) located? underneath a cover located at the top of the unit
(009)Who may start and operate APUs? Only qualified and authorized personnel
(009)When aren't APU operators required to stay in the immediate vicinity of the unit during munitions loading? Not required during practice loading using inert munitions
(009)When may fighter aircraft be exempt from 50-foot positioning requirements fro APUs? During combat or simulated combat operations with TO approval or wing commander
(009)Where do you NOT stand when operating a unit with a turbine engine? The engine's plane of rotation
(010)How much air pressure is produced by the MC-2A? 15 cfm at 200 psi
(011)What is the max air pressure you may use for cleaning? 30 psi
(011)What might happen if you use an air compressor with inadequate ventilation? Asphyxiation or even death
(011)What Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH) standard indentifies the protective equipment used with compressed air? 91-501
(011)Before you connect or disconnect a high pressure service hose, you must make sure the system is not pressurized
(012)What must be used in conjunction with the FL-1D to provide power to the MQ-1 or the MQ-9? DCs 40-75 "Sorensen" power supply unit
(012)What kind of engine is in the FL-1D floodlight? 3 cylinder, 10.5 horsepower, naturally aspirated, water cooled diesel engine
(012)What is the required warm-up time of the FL-1D floddlight set? 2 to 4 minute warm-up time
(012)What power output of the portable floodlight sets is used for powering common electrically powered hand tools? 115-120 VAC
(013)Why shouldnt you move the floodlights with the platform raised? Damage to equipment or injury to personnel could result
(013)How should the floodlights be positioned in relationship to an aircraft? They should be as far away from the aircraft as possible, while still providing adequate lighting
(014)On which aircraft are air conditioners currently used? F-15, F-16, F-117, B-1, B-2 and B-52
(014)What two types of air may be controlled from the instrument panel of the A/M 32C-10A? Conditioned and high pressured air
(014)What are the positioning requirements for the portable air conditioner around aircraft? 15 to 30 feet from the aircraft
(014)How many people are required for operating the air conditioner? 2
(014)What additional piece of AGE is required during operation of the A/M 32C-10 air conditioner? A/M 32A-60
(014)Where are the A/M 32C-10 duct hoses stored? In the rear storage compartment
(014)What is the max amount of bleed-air pressure that may be applied to the -10 air conditioner? 45 psi
(015)How many fluid temperatures modes can the PAO cart operate in? 2; forward loop mode and aft loop mode
(015)When the cart initially begins delivering PAO fluid to the aircraft, what is the initial fluid delivery pressure regulated to? 120 psig
(015)What is the temperature range for operating the PAO cart? -40 degrees to 120 degrees F
(015)What must you do before making or breaking connections between the PAO cart and the aircraft?? Make sure the system is depressurized
(015)What additional piece of AGE is required during operation of the PAO/air cooling cart? None, it is a self contained system
(015)How many fluid temperatures mode are available on the PAO cart? 2
(016)Which hydraulic test stand system, primary or secondary, is used during functional checks? Either system may be used
(016)Where is the cool-air hatch on the MJ-2A hydraulic test stand? Top of the unit
(016)What is the primary reason for making sure aircraft fittings are clean before attaching hydraulic servicing hoses? Dirty fittings can introduce contaminants to the hydraulic systems causing damage to valves and lines
(017)What powers the self generating nitrogen servicing cart (SGNSC)? 49-hp diesel engine
(017)Where is the high-pressure nitrogen deleivered by the system for storage? On-board high pressure cylinders
(017)Why is it important to prevent nitrogen accumulation in an enclosed area? Can cause suffocation
(017)What must be done prior to loosening fittings, or remove tubes or hoses? Always vent the pressure
(017)Which aircraft require weapons personnel to use the SGNSC? F-22 only
(018)What are the basic uses of maintenance stands? To provide working platforms at variable heights
(018)For what uses was the split-deck maintenance platform designed? For chaff/flare loading and unloading on the B-1
(018)What is the height range of the B-1 maintenance stand? 3 to 10 feet
(018)What is the max static load the B-1 maintenance stand can sustain? 500 pounds
(018)What is the platform height range of the B-4 maintenance stand? 3 to 7 feet
(018)The hand pump for raising the B-4 maintenance stand located on? platform near the ladder
(018)What is the platform height range of the B-5 maintenance stand? 7 to 12 feet
(018)What maintenance stand is a nonadjustable 4-foot platform with wheels on the back legs? C-1
(018)If the split-deck maintenance platform's tape switches detect an obstruction during operation, they stop the unit's forward drive, platform extension, and lowering capabilites
(018)What is the total lift capacity of the split-deck maintenance platform? 2,000 pounds
(019)What type of inspections do 2W1s make on AGE? Operator's and pre-use inspections
(019)Why do we inspect AGE? It's a TO requirement and to ensure safety/serviceability of equipment
(019)Where must you annotate any defect you find on AGE? AFTO Forms 244 and 245
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