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Fuedlism europe

Who defeated the expansion of the Islam Empire in France? Charles Martel
Who was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire? Charlemagne
What was the most important activity on the manor? farming
What was the code of conduct for knights? chivalry
What is a priest who studies his religion outside of the manor? monk
What is a female equivalent to a monk? nun
What is a young person learning a trade from a master? apprentice
What is the general leaders of the church? clergy
Where did the plague begin in Europe? Italy
Where did the plague begin in general? China
What was the system of architecture used in Europe in the late Middle Ages in chronological order? Romanesques, and Gothics
What was the support system used to support the weight of the churches? Flying Butresses
Why is the year 1215 so important? It was the passage of the Magna Carta.
Why is the year 1066 so important? It was the Battle of Pastings.
Who was successful in the Battle of Pastings? William the Conquerer.
What did the Magna Carta do? it made the king listen to the people.
What is it called when non-educated people appointed the the bishops? lay investiture
What was the Concodate of Worms? A treaty that said that the popes could appoint the bishops, which made the bishops loyal to the pope. But, the bishops were still loyal to the kings because they granted them fiefs.
What was the time span of the Middle Ages? 500-1500
What is a cathedral? a giant English church
What is the key word for the Middle Ages? stagnant
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