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term quiz 21

petr/o stone, petrous region of temporal bone
-pexy fixation
phac/o lens
phag/o -phagia eating, ingestion
phak/o lens
phalang/o phalanges
phall/o penis
phaner/o visible, apparent
pharmac/o drugs
phas/o -phasia speech
phe/o dusky
phen/o appearance
-pheresis removal
-phil -philia affinity for, tendancy towards
phim/o muzzle
phleb/o vein
-phobia phob/o fear, aversion
phon/o -phonia voice, sound
-phore phor/o bearer, processor
-phoresis bearing, transmission
phosphat/o phosphate
phot/o light
phren/o mind, diaphragm
phyc/o seaweed, algae
phyl/o race, species, type
-phylaxis protection
phyll/o leaf, leaf-like
-phyma tumor, growth
physic/o physical, natural
physi/o nature
phys/o air, gas
Created by: eschaef