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Character Smallest piece of data
Clinical data Repository the merging of data from different data systems into one centralized database
Computer-based patient record was used to describe a broader view of the patient record than was present in 1990s. MULTIDISCIPLINARY AND MULTIENTERPRISE. Has the ability to link patient information at different locations according to a unique patient identifier.
Computerized medical record used to describe the early medical record automation attempts
Data is defined as raw facts that are not interpreted or processed, such as numbers, letters, images, symbols and sounds
Document imaging/ Optical disk imaging an alternative to traditional microfilm or remote storage systems
EHR a term used in 2003 by IOM.
EMR Term used in 1990s to describe systems that were based on imaging and the merging of data from various stand-alone systems.
Field Group of characters
File Collection of related records
Health data Health facts that are collected about a patient or group of patients that describe a health issue
Health information defined as health data that has been given meaning and has been processed or organized in a manner that us useful for decision making
HIE- Health information exchange Allow health care providers the opportunity to access patent information that was generated at other facilities
HL7- Health Level 7 a standards development organization that develops EHR standards under the direction of the U.S DHHS
Hybrid records a part paper and part electronic record
Indexed means it is identified according to a unique identification number, commonly the patients medical record #
Information After data has been collected it is given meaning and is useful for decision making
Longitudinal patient record Contains records from different episodes of care, providers, and facilities that are linked to form a view, over time, of a patients health care encounters
Patient monitoring system systems that collect and monitor patient physiological data and record the informaiton
PHR- Patient health record an electronic or paper medical record maintained and updated by an individual for his or her own personal use
Record collection of related fields
Record transitional template a type of document that delineates the carious sources of the component parts of the patients record
RHIO- Regional health information organization an electronic network of patient medical information gathered from multiple health care organizations in a geographical region
RADT- Registration, Admission, discharge, transfer an application that creates a centralized database of patient demographic information and has replaced the paper master patient index in the virtual world
Scanner Used to capture paper record images onto electronic storage media
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