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Respiratory BOCES


What is the membrane lining the chest wall? Parietal pleura
What is the membrane on the outer surface of each lung? Visceral pleura
What test is done to assess a pt's respiratory health prior to surgery? Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)
What is the amount of air moved into or out of the lungs with each breath? Tidal volume
What is the pressure outside of the chest (in the room)? Atmospheric pressure
Is the air pressure in the intrapleural cavity positive or negative? Negative
Is the air pressure inside the lungs positive or negative? Positive
If the air pressure in the intrapleural cavity becomes greater than the pressure inside the lungs, what will happen? Pneumothorax
What is the portion of pharynx behind the nose called? Nasopharynx
What is the portion of the pharynx called behind the mouth? Oropharynx
What respiratory structure is known as the voice box? The larynx
What are the 3 functions of the larynx? Passage for air, produce sound, prevent food from entering trachea.
What are clusters of lymphoid tissue located in the throat? Tonsils
Where is the respiratory center for the body? In the medulla
What acts as a lid at the top of the larynx to prevent food from entering the respiratory tract? Epiglottis
What is the one and only purpose of the trachea. Airway
what is the depression at which each bronchus enters the lungs? Hilus
What are clusters of air sacs in the lungs resembling grapes? Alveoli
What is the substance that prevents the alveoli from collapsing? Surfactant
What is the area between the 2 lungs? The mediastinum
What nerve stimulates the diaphragm to contract? The phrenic nerve
What drug is given in a respiratory emergency that relaxes bronchial muscles? Theophylline
What is incomplete expansion of the lungs? Atelectasis
What is a disease characterized by "puffed up" alveoli? Emphysema
What is chest pain caused by inflammation of the lining of the lungs? Pleurisy
What stimulates the brain to breath? Carbon dioxide
Temporary cessation of breathing. Apnea
Labored breathing. Dyspnea
Difficulty breathing relieved by sitting up. Orthopnea
Abnormally low concentration of oxygen in the blood. Hypoxia
Complete lack of oxygen to body cells. Anoxia
A high concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood. Hypercapnia
Created by: shocklori