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chap 5 definitions

describing words from chapter 5

cloture a vote to end a filibuster
filibuster unlimited debate
apportion to divide
census counting of people
bill a proposed law
seniority length of service
gerrymander drawing district lines to someones advantage
bicameral 2 house legislature
caucus a political meeting
impeach to formally charge
appropriation money
pocket veto sets aside a bill
implied powers powers of congress not listed in the constitution
writ of habeas corpus right to appear before a judge
bill of attainder law that punishes without a trial
ex post facto law punishes for an act that was legal at one time
expulsion to kick out
immunity cannot be punished
censure to reprimand
constituents people served by an elected official
franking privelege free mail for congressmen
standing comm a permanent comm
select comm a temporary comm. For a certain task
conference comm works out the differences in bills
joint comm made up of both senators and rep
pork barrel unnecessary laws that benefit home state
pigeonhole comm. Sets aside a bill
lobbyist person paid to persuade
roll call vote vote by name
rider an attachment to a bill
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