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Review Terms 2-4-08

IU MED TERM Review Terms & Meanings 2-4-08

review terms 2-4-08review meanings 2-4-08
dermatomycosis condition of the skin
erythema redness of the skin caused by swelling of capillaries
decubitus bedsore
lentigo small brown sun exsposed lesion of the skin; age spot
scabies contagious skin disease transmitted by the itch mite, commonly through sexual contact
tinea fungal disease with body part indicated in the name
verruca wart; or virus
atypical abnormal; not normal
cholecystitis inflammation of the bladder
hepatomegaly enlarged liver
esophageal varices dilated veins in the esophagus
hepatitis panel checking for hepatitis virus A, B, C, D, ...
hematemesis vomiting blood
rhinoplasty reshaping the nose
septoplasty correcting a deviated septum
sinusotomy opening the sinus
laryngoscopy examining the voicebox
bronchoscope tube to examine the lung tree
right superior pneumectomy or excision of RUL removal of the upper right lung
meatus opening through any body part
closed or simple fracture (fx) fracture (fx) bone without any external wound
impacted fracture (fx) fracture (fx) with one end wedged into another
hairline fracture (fx) very thin fracture (fx) of a bone that doesn't extend through the bone itself
complicated fracture (fx) fracture (fx) causing injury to an organ
comminuted fracture (fx) bone has fractured (fx) or splintered into pieces
closed reduction internal fixation (CRIF) manual correction of fracture (fx) without incision
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