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Medical Terminology & Anatomy for ICD-10 Coding

-a noun ending
a- no, not, without, lack of
ab- away from
abdomin/o abdomen
-abrasion scraping of
-ac pertaining to
ac- toward
acetabul/o acetabulum (hip socket)
achil/o Achilles tendon
acid/o acid
acous/o hearing
acro- heights, extremes, extremities
acromi/o acromion process
act/o, act/i rays
acu- sharp
-acusis hearing
-ad toward
ad- toward
aden/o gland
adenoid/o adenoid (pharyngeal tonsil)
adip/o fat
adipos/o fat
adnex/o accessory
adren/o adrenal gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
aer/o air
af- toward
agglutin/o clumping
agora- marketplace
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
al/i, al/o wing
aliment/o nutrition
allo- other, different
alveol/o small cavity, alveolus
-alysis breaking down, separating, freeing from adhesions, loosening
ambly/o dim, dull
ambul/o walking
amel/o enamel
amni/o, amnion/o, -amnios amnion, inner fetal sac
amphi- both
amyl/o starch
-an pertaining to
an- no, not, without
an/o anus
ana- up, apart, away
andr/o male
angi/o vessel
ankyl/o stiffening
annul/o annulus, ring
-ant pertaining to
ante- forward, in front of, before
anter/o front
anthrop/o man
anti- against
antr/o antrum, cavity
aort/o aorta (largest artery)
-apheresis removal
aphth/o ulceration
apic/o pointed extremity, apex
apo- separate, away from
append/o, appendic/o vermiform appendix, that which is added
apendicul/o appendicular
-ar pertaining to
-arche beginning
arteri/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole (small artery)
arthr/o articulation (joint)
articul/o articulation (joint)
-ary pertaining to
-ase enzyme
astr/o star
ather/o fat, plaque
-atic pertaining to
-ation process of
atlant/o 1st cervical vertebra (atlas) (C1)
-atory pertaining to
atri/o atrium
audi/o hearing
aur/o hearing
auricul/o auricle, pinna
auto- self
axill/o axilla (armpit)
axi/o axial, axis bone (2nd cervical vertebra) (C2)
azyg/o without a yoke
bacteri/o bacteria
balan/o glans penis
band/o Bands
bartholin/o Bartholin gland
bas/o base, bottom
bi- two
bi/o life, living
bil/i bile
bin- two
-blast embryonic, immature
blast/o embryonic, immature
blephar/o eyelid
bol/o to throw, throwing
brachi/o arm
brady- slow
brom/o odor, stench
bronch/o bronchus
bronchi/o bronchus
bronchiol/o bronchiole
bucc/o cheek
bulb/o globe
bunion/o bunion
burs/o bursa
calc/o, calc/i calcium
calcane/o calcaneus (heelbone)
cali/o calyx, calix
calic/o calyx, calix
calyc/o calyx, calix
canalicul/o canaliculus, (little canal)
canth/o canthus (corner of eye)
capit/o head
capn/o carbon dioxide
carcin/o epithelial cancer
-carcinoma cancer of epithelial origin
cardi/o heart
cardiomy/o heart muscle
-cardia condition of the heart
carp/o carpus (wrist)
cartilag/o cartilage
cata- down
caud/o tail
caus/o burning
cauter/i burning
cec/o cecum (first part of large intestine)
-cele herniation, protrusion
celi/o abdomen
cellul/o cell
-centesis surgical puncture
cephal/o head
-cephalus head
-ceps heads
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebr/o cerebrum
cerumin/o cerumen (earwax)
cervic/o neck, cervix
-chalasia relaxation, slackening
-chalasis relaxation, slackening
cheil/o lips
chem/o drug, chemical
chol/e bile, gall
cholangi/o bile vessel
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
cholesterol/o cholesterol
chondr/o cartilage
chord/o cord, spinal cord
chori/o chorion (outer fetal sac)
chorion/o chorion (outer fetal sac)
choroid/o choroid
chrom/o color
chromat/o color
chron/o time
chyl/o lymph
chym/o juice
cili/o tiny hairs
circum- around
cirrh/o orange-yellow
-cision cutting
cistern/o box, cistern
-clasis intentional breaking
-clast breaking down
claustr/o closing
clav/i clavicle (collarbone)
clavicul/o clavicle (collarbone)
cleid/o clavicle (collarbone)
clitorid/o clitoris
-clysis washing
coagul/o clotting
-coagulation process of clotting
coccyg/o coccyx (tailbone)
cochle/o cochlea
coll/o neck
col/o colon (large intestine)
colon/o colon (large intestine)
colp/o vagina
con- together
condyl/o condyle, knob
coni/o dust
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
contra- opposite, against
cor/o pupil
corac/o coracoid process of the scapula
cord/o cord,spinal cord
cordi/o heart
core/o pupil
corne/o cornea
coron/o crown, heart
corpor/o body
corrug/o wrinkled
cortic/o cortex (outer portion)
cost/o costa (rib)
cox/o coxa (hip)
crani/o skull
crepit/o crackling
cret/o to grow
crin/o to secrete, secreting
-crine to secrete, secreting
-crit to separate, separating
crur/o leg
cry/o extreme cold
crypt- hidden
cuboid/o cuboid bone, box-shaped
cubit/o elbow, forearm
culd/o cul-de-sac (rectouterine pouch)
cune/o cuneiform bone
-cusis hearing
cusp/o point, cusp
cut/o skin
cutane/o skin
cyan/o blue
cycl/o ciliary body, recurring, round
-cyesis pregnancy,gestation
-cyst sac
cyst/o bladder, sac
cyt/o cell
-cyte cell
-cytosis condition of abnormal increase in cells
dacry/o tear
dacryoaden/o lacrimal gland
dacryocyst/o lacrimal gland
dactyl/o digitus (finger or toe)
de- down, lack of
delt/o triangle, deltoid muscle
dendr/o dendrite, tree
densit/o density
dent/i teeth
-derma skin condition
derm/o skin
dermat/o skin
-desis binding
dextr/o right
di- two, both
dia- through, complete
diaphragm/o diaphragm
diaphragmat/o diaphragm
digit/o finger or toe
depl/o double
dips/o thirst
dis- bad/abnormal,apart
disc/o disc
dist/o far
diverticul/o diverticulum, pouch
dors/o, dors/i back
-drome to run, running
duct/o to carry, carrying
duoden/o duodenum
dur/o dura mater, hard
dynam/o power
-dynia pain
dys- bad, difficult, painful, abnormal
-e noun ending
e- outward, out
-eal pertaining to
ec- out. outward
echo- sound, reverberation
-ectasia condition of expansion, dilation
-ectasis expansion,dilation
-ectomy cutting out
-edema swelling
ef- away from
electr/o electricity
-emesis vomiting, vomit
-emia blood condition
-emphraxis obstructing, crushing
-emulsification breaking down
en- in
encephal/o brain
end- within
endo- within
endocardi/o inner lining of the heart
endometri/o endometrium, inner lining of cervix
-ent pertaining to
enter/o small intestines, intestines
eosin/o rosy-colored
epi- above, upon
epicardi/o epicardium
epicondyl/o epicondyle
epididym/o epididymis
epiglott/o epiglottis
epipllo/o omentum
episi/o vulva (external female genitalia)
epitheli/o epithelium
erythmat/o red
eryhr/o red
eschar/o scab
-esis state of
eso- inward
esophag/o esophagus
esthesi/o felling, sensation
-esthetica feeling, sensation
ethmoid/o ethmoid bone, sieve
eu- healthy, normal
ex- out
exanthemat/o rash
-exeresis tearing out
-exia condition
exo- outside
extra- outside
extern/o outer
faci/o face
fasci/o fascia
fec/a feces, stool
femor/o femur (thigh bone)
fer/o to bear, carry
-ferous pertaining to carrying
fetish/o charm
fet/o fetus
fibr/o fiber
fibrin/o fibrous substance
fibul/o fibula (lower lateral leg bone)
-fida to split, splitting
fissur/o deep cleft or groove
flex/o to bend, bending
fluor/o to flow, flowing
-flux to flow, flowing
follicul/o follicle
foramin/o hole, foramen
-form shape
fornic/o arched structure,fornix
foss/o hollow,depression
fren/o frenulum (of tongue and lip)
frenul/o frenulum (of tongue and lip)
front/o front, forehead
fund/o fundus (base, bottom)
-fusion process of pouring
galact/o milk
gangli/o ganglion
ganglion/o ganglion
gastr/o stomach
-gen producing
-geneic pertaining to produced by
-genesis production, origin
-genic pertaining to produced by
geni/o chin
-genous pertaining to originating from
gen/u knee
ger/o old age
germ/i sprout
gingiv/o gums
glauc/o gray, bluish green
glen/o glenoid cavity (arm socket)
-glia glia cell,glue
-globin protein substance
-globulin protein substance
globulin/o, globin/o protein
glomerul/o glomerulus
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o sugar, glucose
glucos/o sugar, glucose
glute/o gluteus (buttocks)
glyc/o sugar, glucose
glycos/o sugar, glucose
gnath/o jaw, entire
-gnosis state of knowledge
gon/o seed
gonad/o gonad, sex organ
goni/o angle
-grade flow
-gram record, recording
granul/o little grain
-graph instrument to record
-graphy recording
gravid/o pregnancy, gestation
-gravida pregnancy, gestation
gryph/o curved
gyn/e female, woman
gynec/o female, woman
halit/o breath
hal/o to breathe, breathing
haluc/o hallux (great toe)
hedon/o pleasure
helic/o helix, coil
hem/o blood
hemangi/o blood vessel
hemat/o blood
hemi- half
hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
hiat/o an opening
hidr/o sweat
hidraden/o sudoriferous gland (sweat gland)
hil/o hilum
hist/o tissue
home/o same
homo- same
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
humor/o liquid
hydatid/i water drop
hydr/o water, fluid
hymen/o hymen
hyoid/o hyoid bone
hyper- excessive, above
hypn/o sleep
hypo- deficient, below, under, decreased
hypophys/o hypophysis, pituitary
hyster/o uterus
-ia condition, state of
-iac pertaining to
-iacal pertaining to abnormal condition
-iasis condition, presence of
-ic pertaining to
ichthy/o fishlike
-icle small, tiny
-id pertaining to
-igo condition
ile/o ileum (third part small intestines)
ili/o ilium (superior, widest pelvic bone)
immun//o safety, protection
-in substance
in- in, not
indur/o to make hard
-ine pertaining to
infer/o downward
infra- down
inguin/o groin
ischem/o hold back
insulin/o insulin
inter- between
intestin/o intestine
intra- within
-ion process of
-ior pertaining to
ipsi- same
ir/o iris
irid/o iris
-is structure, thing, noun ending
is/o equal
isch/o hold back, suppress
ischi/o ischium (lower part of pelvic bone)
-ism condition, state of
-ismus spasm
-itis inflammation
-itic pertaining to
-ity noun ending
-ium structure, membrane
-ive pertaining to
-ization process
jejun/o second part of small intestine jejunum
jugul/o throat, neck
kal/i potassium
kary/o nucleus
karat/o hard, horny, cornea
ket/o ketone
keton/o ketone
-kine movement
-kinesis movement
-kinin movement substance
klept/o to steal, stealing
kyph/o roundback
labi/o lips, labia
labyrith/o labyrinth (inner ear_
lacrim/o tear
lact/o milk
-lalia condition of babbling
lamin/o lamina, thin plate
lapar/o abdomen
-lapse fall
laryng/o larynx (voice box)
later/o side
leiomy/o smooth visceral muscle
-lepsy seizure
-leukin white substance
leuk/o white
levo- left
lex/o word, speech
ligament/o ligament
ligat/o to tie, tying
-ligation tying
limb/o limbus
lingu/o tongue
lip/o fat
lipid/o lipid, fat
-listhesis slipping
lith/o stone, calculus
-lithotomy cutting out a stone
lob/o lobe, section
lobul/o small lobe
log/o study
-logist one who specializes in the study of
-logous pertaining to origin
-logy study of
long/o long
lord/o swayback
lumb/o lower back, lumbar spine
lumin/o lumen (space within vessel)
lun/o moon
lymph/o lymph
lymphaden/o lymph gland (lymph node)
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
lymphat/o lymph
lys/o breakdown, dissolve
-lysis breaking down, dissolving, loosening, freeing from adhesions
-lytic pertaining to breaking down
macro- large
macul/o macula, macule, macula lutea, spot
mal- bad, poor
-malacia softening
maleol/o distal process lower leg, little malleolus
mamm/o breast
mandibul/o mandibular (lower jaw)
-mania condition of madness
man/o pressure, scanty
man/u, man/i hand
manubri/o manubrium of the breastbone, handle
mast/o breast
mastoid/o mastoid process
maxill/o maxilla (upper jaw bone)
maxim/o large
meat/o meatus (opening)
medi/o middle
mediastin/o mediastinum (space between lungs)
medull/o medulla, inner portion
-megaly enlargement
mean/o black, dark
men/o menstruation, menses
mening/o meninges
meningi/o meninges
menisc/o meniscus, crescent
menstru/o menstruation
ment/o mind, chin
mer/o thigh
mesenter/o mesentery, midgut
meta- beyond, change
metacarp/o metacarpus (hand bone)
metatars/o metatarsus (foot bone)
-meter instrument to measure
metr/o uterus, measure
metri/o uterus
-metry measuing
micro- small
mid- middle
mi/o to close, constrict
-mileusis carving
mitochondri/o mitochondria
mol/o molar
mono- one
morb/o disease
morph/o shape, form
muc/o mucus
mucos/o mucus
multi- many
mur/o wall
muscul/o muscle
my/o muscle, to shut
myc/o fungus
mydr/o dilation
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
myocardi/o myocardium (heart muscle)
myometri/o muscle layer of the uterus
myos/o muscle
myring/o eardrum
myx/o mucus
narc/o sleep, stupor
nas/o nose
nat/i birth
nat/o birth, born
natr/o sodium
navicul/o navicular bone
necr/o death, dead
neo- new
nephr/o kidney
nervos/o nervous
neur/o nerve
neuron/o nerve
neutr/o neutral
nev/o nevus, birthmark
nid/o nest
noct/i night
nod/o node, knot
-noia condition of mind
non- not
nos/o disease
nuch/o neck
nucle/o nucleus
nulli- none
nyctal/o night
nymph/o woman, female
o/o ovum, egg, female sex cell
occipit/o occiput
occlus/o to close, closing, a blockage
ocul/o eye
odont/o teeth
-oid resembling, like
-ole small, tiny
olecran/o elbow
olig/o scanty, few
-oma tumor, mass
-omatous pertaining to a tumor
oment/o omentum
omphal/o umbilicus (navel)
onc/o tumor
-on structure
-one hormone, substance that forms
oneir/o dream
onych/o nail
oophor/o ovary (female gonad)
ophthalm/o eye
-opia vision condition
-opsia vision condition
-opsy viewing
opt/o vision
optic/o vision
or/o mouth, oral cavity
orbit/o orbit
orch/o testis, testicle (male gonad)
orchi/o testis, testicle (male gonad)
orchid/o testis, testicle (male gonad)
orex/o apetite
organ/o organ, viscus
orth/o straight, upright
-os condition
-ose pertaining to, full of
-osis abnormal condition
oss/i bone
osse/o bone
ossicul/o ossicle (tiny bone)
oste/o bone
-osus noun ending
ot/o ear
-ous pertaining to
ov/i ovum (egg) (female sex cell)
ov/o ovum (egg) (female sex cell)
ovari/o ovary (female gonad)
ovul/o ovum (female sex cell)
ox/i, ox/o oxygen
oxy- oxygen
palat/o palate,roof of mouth, palatine bone
pallid/o globus pallidum
palm/o palm
palpebr/o eyelid
pan- all
pancreat/o pancreas
papill/o papilla, nipple, optic disk
papul/o papule, pimple
par- beside, near
-para delivery,parturition
para- near, beside, abnormal
parathyroid/o parathyroid
parenchym/o parenchyma
-paresis slight paralysis
-pareunia intercourse
pariet/o wall, partition
part/o parturition, delivery
-partum parturition, delivery
patell/o, patell/a patella (kneecap)
path/o disease
-pathy disease process
patul/o open
-pause stop, cease
pector/o chest
ped/o foot, child
pedicul/i lice
pelv/i, pelv/o pelvis
pen/i penis
-penia condition of deficiency
-pepsia digestion
per- through
peri- surrounding, around
pericardi/o sac surrounding the heart, pericardium
perimetri/o perimetrium, outer layer of uterus
perine/o perineum
peritone/o peritoneum
perone/o fibula, lower lateral leg bone
petros/o petrous bone
petr/o stone
-pexy fixation, suspension
phac/o lens
phag/o to eat, swallow
-phagia condition of eating, swallowing
phak/o lens
phalang/o phalanx (finger/toe bones)
phall/o penis
pharmac/o drug
pharyng/o pharynx (throat)
phas/o speech
phe/o dark
=phil attraction
phil/o attraction
-philia condition of attraction
phleb/o vein
-phobia condition of fear, extreme sensitivity
phon/o sound, voice
phor/o to carry, to bear
phot/o light
phren/o diaphragm, mind, phrenic nerve
-phthisis wasting
physi/o growth
-physis growth
phyt/o growth
pil/o hair
pineal/o pineal body (gland)
pituit/o pituitary gland
pituitar/o pituitary
placent/o placenta
-plakia condition of patches
plant/o sole of foot
plas/o formation
-plasia condition of formation, development
-plasm condition of formation
plasm/a plasma
plasm/o plasma
plast/o formation
-plastic pertaining to formation
-plastin forming substance
-plasty surgically forming
-plegia paralysis
pleur/o pleura, membrane surrounding lungs
-plication fold, plica
-pnea breathing
pne/o to breathe, breathing
pneum/o lung, air
pneumat/o lung, air
pneumon/o lung
-poiesis formation,production
-poietin forming substance
pol/o pole
pollic/o plooex (thumb)
poli/o gray, grey
poly- many, much, excessive, frequent
polyp/o polyp
poplite/o back of knee
por/o passage
port/o gate
post- behind, after
poster/o back
posth/o foreskin
prax/o purposeful movement
pre- before, in front of
precordi/o precordium
preputi/o prepuce (foreskin)
presby- old age
primi- first
pro- forward, in front of, in favor of
proct/o rectum and anus
prolactin/o prolactin
prostat/o prostate
proxim/o near
prurit/o itching
psych/o mind
pteryg/o wing
-ptosis drooping, prolapse, falling
ptyal/o saliva
-ptysis spitting
pub/o pubis, anterior pelvic bone
puerper/o puerperium
pulmon/o lung
pupil/o pupil
purpur/o purple
pustul/o pustule
py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor/o pylorus
pyr/o fever, fire
quadri- four
rach/i, rachi/o spinalcolumn, bacbone
radi/o radius (lower lateral arm bone)
radicul/o nerve root, spinal nerve root
re- back, backward, again
rect/o rectum, straight
ren/o kidney
retin/o retina
retro- backward
rhabdomy/o striated (skeletal) muscle
rheumat/o watery flow
rhin/o nose
rhiz/o spinal nerve root, nerve root
rhythm/o rhythm
rhytid/o wrinkle
rib/o ribose
rot/o wheel
-rrhagia, prrhage bursting forth
-rrhagic pertaining to bursting forth
-rrhaphy suturing
-rrhea discharge, flow
-rrheic pertaining to discharge
-rrhexis rupture
rug/o rugae, ridge
sacr/o sacrum
sagitt/o arrow, separating the sides
salping/o tube, fallopian or eustachian
-salpinx tube, fallopian or eustachian
sarc/o flesh
-sarcoma connective tissue cancer
scaphoid/o scaphoid bone
scapul/o scapula (shoulder blade)
-schisis split
schiz/o split
scler/o sclera, hard
-sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening
scoli/o curvature
-scope instrument to view
-scopic pertaining to viewing
-scopy viewing
scot/o dark, darkness
scrot/o scrotum (sac holding testes)
sebac/o sebum, oil
seb/o sebum,oil
semi- half
semin/i semen
sensor/i sense
sept/o septum, wall, partition
septic/o infection
sequestr/o sequestrum (bone fragment)
ser/o serum
serrat/o notched
sial/o saliva
sialaden/o salivary gland
sialodoch/o salivary duct
sider/o iron
-siderin iron substance
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
sin/o sinus, cavity
sinistr/o left
sinus/o sinus, cavity
-sis state of, condition
skelet/o skeleton
somat/o body
-some body
som/o body
somn/o sleep
-spadias a rent or tear
-spasm spasm, sudden, involuntary contraction
sperm/o spermatozoon (male sex cell)
spermat/o spermatozoon (male sex cell)
sphenoid/o, sphen/o sphenoid
spher/o sphere
spin/o spine
spir/o to breathe,breathing
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o vertebra, backbone,spine
squam/o scaly
-stalsis contraction
staped/o stapes (third ossicle in ear)
-stasis controlling,stopping
steat/o fat
-stenosis abnormal condition of narrowing
ster/o steroid
stern/o sternum (breastbone)
steth/o chest
-sthenia condition of strength
stiti/o space
stom/o an opening, a mouth
stomat/o mouth, oral cavity
-stomy making a new opening
strom/o stroma (supportive tissue)
styl/o styloid process (temporal bone)
sub- under, below
sudor/i sweat
sulc/o sulcus, groove
super/o upward
supra- upward, above
sur/o calf
sympath/o to feel with
syn- together, joined
syndesm/o ligament (structure connecting bone)
synovi/o synovium
synov/o synovial membrane
-synthesis bring together
system/o system
tachy- fast, rapid
tal/o talus bone
tars/o tarsus (ankle bone), flat surface
tax/o order, coordination,
tel/e end, far, complete
tempor/o temporal bone
ten/o tendon (structure connecting bones)
tend/o tendon (structure connecting bones)
tendin/o tendon (structure connection bones)
tens/o stretching, pressure
-tension process of stretching, pressure
terat/o deformity
test/o testis, testicle (male gonad)
testicul/o testis, testicle (male gonad)
tetra- four
thalam/o thalamus
thalass/o sea
thel/e nipple
-therapy treatment
therm/o heat, temperature
thorac/o thorax (chest)
-thorax chest (pleural cavity)
thromb/o clotting, clot
-thrombin clotting substance
thym/o thymus gland, mind
-thymia condition, state of mind
thyr/o thyroid gland, shield
thyroid/o thyroid gland
tibi/o tibia (shinbone)
-tic pertaining to
till/o to pull
tinnit/o jingling
-tion process of
-tocia parturition, delivery
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy cutting
ton/o tension, tone
tonsil/o tonsil
top/o place, location
tox/o poison
toxic/o poison
trabecul/o little beam
trache/o trachea (windpipe)
trachel/o uterine cervix
tarct/o to pull, pulling, tract, pathway
trans- through, across
-tresia condition of an opening
tri- three
trich/o hair
trigon/o trigone
-tripsy crushing
-tripter machine to crush
-trite instrument to crush
trochanter/o trochanter
trop/o to turn, turning
troph/o development, nourishment
-trophy process of nourishment
tub/o tube, pipe
tubercul/o tubercle, a swelling
turbin/o turbinate bone
tympan/o eardrum, drum
-ule small
uln/o ulna (outer medial arm bone)
-um structure, thing, membrane
umbilic/o umbilicus (navel)
ungu/o nail
uni- one
-ure condition
ur/o urine, urinary system
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
-uria urinary condition
urin/o urine,urinary system
-us structure, thing
uter/o uterus
utve/o uvea
uvul/o uvula
vag/o vagus nerve
vagin/o vagina
valv/o valve
valvul/o valve
varic/o varices
vas/o vessel, ductus deferens, vas deferens
vascul/o vessel
ven/o vein
ventr/o belly side
ventricul/o ventricle
venul/o venule, small vein
verm/o worm
vers/o to turn
-verse to turn
-version process of turning
vert/o turn
vertebr/o vertebra, spine, backbone
vesic/o bladder
vesicul/o small sac, seminal vesicle, blister
vestibul/o vestibule (small space at entrance to canal)
vill/o vilus
viscer/o viscera, organ
vitre/o, vitr/o vitreous, humor, glassy
vol/o volume
vomer/o vomer
vulgar/o common
vuls/o to pull
vulv/o vulva (external female genitalia)
xen/o foreign
xer/o dry
xiph/i, xiph/o xiphoid process, sword
-y condition, process of
-zation process of
zo/o animal
zygom/o zygoma (cheekbone)
zygomat/o zygoma (cheekbone)
zygomatic/o zygomaticus (cheek muscle)
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