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More vocab. Joy.

Appropriation money that Congress has allocated to be spent.
Casework personal work done by a member of Congress for his constituents. I MADE THIS FOR YOU.
Class action lawsuit lawsuit brought on behalf of a class of people against a defendant. E.g. those who have suffered from smoking v. tobacco companies.
Executive agreement an agreement between the President and another head of state that, unlike a treaty, does not require Senate consent.
Judicial review power of the courts to review the constitutionality of laws or governmental actions.
Legislative Veto process in which Congress overturned rules and regulations proposed by executive branch agencies. Struck down in 1983. Bitches.
Logrolling when two members of Congress agree to vote for each other's bill (if you know what I mean ;)
Merit system system of hiring federal workers based upon competitive exams.
Original Jurisdiction authority of a court to first hear a case.
Pork barrel A barrel of salted pork. The salt is to preserve the pork for lengthy amounts of time so that it may be cooked into bacon at any opportune moment.
Pork barrel spending wasteful congressional spending (unlike bacon, which is never wasted)
Reapportionment A long word that means reallocation of House seats to the states on the basis of changes in state populations, as determined by the census.
Redistricting redrawing of congressional district boundaries by the party in power of the state legislature.
Red tape Tape, of the red variation.
Red tape complex rules and procedures required by bureaucratic agencies.
Spoils system see patronage above. Oh yeah, that really helps in this case, doesn't it. Dammit, where is patronage....I don't even...screw this.
Patronage Power to appoint loyal party members to federal positions.
Sunset laws Laws that are so beautiful...they automatically expire after a given time.
The End.
Created by: cartmansav
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